Up To The Challenge - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Up To The Challenge
Airdate: April 01, 2000

Chad tries to teach Kelsey Tai-Chi, to try and tame her wild side, but Kelsey just can't concentrate, and resents being called overexcitable.
A jerk named Brian shows up with his girlfriend and tries to impress her by fighting Chad, but only embarrasses himself when Chad floors him.
A monster who packs enormous firepower is sent to Mariner Bay. He hurls explosive balls at a building, setting it on fire.
The Rangers bring their Zords around. Carter and Kelsey take Hazrescue into the parking lot to save some people trapped inside.
Chad tames the fire with Hydro Rescue while Carter and Kelsey take the people to safety.
Smogger shows himself, sics some Batlings on the Rangers, then turns into a ball and escapes.
Chad and Kelsey follow the monster to an abandoned building. Kelsey blasts at the building, much to Chad's disapproval.
Then she runs into the building, against Chad's warning, and is caught in a terrible explosion which sends her flying back out.
The blast hit Chad as well, and causes them both to de-morph. The monster celebrates his victory and heads back to Vypra to tell her the good news.
Vypra catches Brian snooping around her hideout. He asks to become her student, to destroy Chad. She accepts, and puts him under a spell.
As the Rangers wait outside of Kelsey's room at the hospital, they are called with news of trouble, and take off.
Outside, Chad is called over by a Batling, who and gives him a note from Brian, which challenges him to battle.
That leaves only three Rangers left to face the monster. They encounter him in a tunnel on Main Street.
Chad confronts Brian, who is backed up by Vypra and Batlings, and the two begin their battle.
Ms. F. catches Kelsey sneaking off to the battle. Instead of stopping her, she gives her a new creation - a Lightspeed Cycle with a Rescue Speeder.
Three Rangers didn't prove to be enough to take on the monster. They are tied up and blasted at, right before falling to the ground.
Kelsey arrives just in time. She launches the Rescue Speeder at one of Smogger's bombs and throws it back in his face. She then unties her teammates.
With Brian losing the fight, the Batlings grab Chad, and Vypra orders Brian to finish him. Instead, he snaps out of the spell and helps Chad break free.
After making peace with Brian, Chad morphs and rejoins the team to help Carter destroy the monster on the Lightspeed Cycle.
Kelsey takes another shot at Tai-Chi, and does much better. To show her gratitude, she decides to teach Chad something - how to talk to girls!
  • Finally, a Chad episode!
  • I would have liked to see Brian try to prove himself against Joel. He wouldn't have taken any of that crap.
  • It was cool seeing the Yellow Ranger riding in on the Red cycle.
  • Ah, the infamous VR Troopers temple. At least we didn't have to hear anyone mope about how they missed their dad.
  • I'm surprised that this far in, they are still using the Zords individually, and still sticking to the theme of rescuing people in danger.
  • Carter giving Kelsey a noogie was just about the dumbest thing I've seen. it was completely out of character for Carter.
  • It's weird, Kelsey's headphones don't have any wires..