Go Volcanic
Airdate: April 08, 2000

Dana needs to test out her new device which measures volcanic activity. But with the Rangers out in the Rover, she needs to hop on the bus to the volcano.
Queen Bansheera finally makes a visit to the Skull Cavern, as some form of energy. She is not too pleased to hear that there is a city over her palace.
Diabolico quickly dispatches a new monster - Trifire, to heat up Mt. Jasmine and cause it to erupt, burying Mariner Bay under lava.
Dana just so happens to be on the way to Mt. Jasmine. During the bus ride, she spots a suspicious fellow guarding a bag full of cash.
The driver decides to turn the bus around because of the shockwaves, but the thug won't have it. He pulls out a pistol and forces the driver to continue.
When the thug, Steve, tries to push around Dana, she quickly disarms him and kicks him around the bus.
The shockwaves send the bus out of control. It crashes through the railing on the bridge, teetering on the edge.
Steve tumbles towards the door and out of it, hanging on the edge. Dana springs into action and rescues him.
Mitchell knows something is wrong - Dana isn't answering her communicator. He sends the Rangers to investigate.
They arrive just in time. Joel uses Aero Rescue to lift the bus off of the edge and back to safety.
Dana needs to leave with the team, the bus driver is injured, and the volcano is about to blow. Who will drive the passengers back to safety?
Steve volunteers to drive the bus. After a bit of discussion, Dana convinces the passengers to trust Steve and let him drive them back.
The Rangers flush Trifire out of the volcano and into the open, where he unleashes his firey breath.
Carter counters it with a blast from his Rescue Blaster in extinguisher mode.
A few fireballs from the volcano cause debris to fall everywhere. Steve expertly dodges the falling rocks, saving everyone on board.
The Power Rangers combine their power weapons and form the Rescuebird's unilaser mode to destroy Trifire.
As usual, Jinxer reanimates the monster, and makes him grow. The Rangers summon the Lightspeed Megazord, and douse his attacks with some hydro blasts. They then destroy Trifire with the Lightspeed Megazord Saber.
Back at the bus station, everyone cheers the Rangers, and they thank Steve as well, an unlikely hero. The cops show up and take Steve away. He may have been a hero, but he was still wanted for armed robbery.
  • Bansheera's appearance was strange - she seemingly came from space, spoke to her demons for a bit, and flew back off into space. Scenes later, however, she was still there in the Skull Cavern as if she never left.
  • I'm tired of this goody goody stuff, with the punks always turning good at the end. Last week it was Brian, and this week it's Steve.
  • A real gun on Power Rangers - surprising.
  • It was great seeing Dana kick the crap out of Steve. It would have been even sweeter to have her morph, and completely overpower him.