From Deep In The Shadows - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

From Deep In The Shadows
Airdate: April 22, 2000

Carter tests out Ms. Fairweather's latest gizmo - the Titanium Morpher, which is capable of granting stronger Ranger powers. Carter is unable to sustain the transformation, and the powers painfully fade away.
After Capt. Mitchell locks away the Titanium Morpher, Dana enters with a birthday cake. They fondly remember Ryan - the Captain's son, and Dana's brother. Had he still been alive, he would have turned 20.
Late that night, a shadowy figure scuba dives his way into the Aquabase. He sneaks into the Captain's quarters, and steals the Titanium Morpher.
The next morning, Vypra makes trouble in Mariner Bay to lure the Power Rangers out. She seems to have something in store for them.
As planned, the Rangers appear. Before they can defeat her, a figure emerges from a rift over the Rangers.
It is the Titanium Ranger! Someone has stolen the morpher, and harnessed the Titanium powers for evil!
The Titanium Ranger battles the Rangers, and overpowers them in both firepower and hand to hand combat.
When even the Rescuebird proves ineffective against this new foe, the Rangers are forced to retreat.
After a meeting at the Aquabase, the Rangers head back to the city, on the lookout for the inevitable return of the Titanium Ranger.
They spot a flash of light, and follow it, putting them once again in battle with the Titanium Ranger, and once again receiving a beating.
Ms. Fairweather brings out some new weapons - the V-Lancers. She radios Carter to summon them.
The V-Lancers activate, and the Rangers stand in awe of these amazing new battle lances.
The V-Lancers even up the score, and the Rangers put the smack down on the Titanium Ranger.
They switch the lancers to blaster mode, and open fire at our Titanium friend, knocking him out cold.
He recovers from the blast and pulls himself up, revealing a cold stare from behind the visor.
Barely able to walk, he picks his Titanium laser up and stumbles towards the Rangers.
The Rangers power up and take aim to finish him off. At the last second, Captain Mitchell radios in and orders the Rangers to stand down, leaving a defeated Titanium Ranger still thirsting for battle.
Back at the Aquabase, the team demands to know why they were ordered to cease fire when they had a chance to destroy the Titanium Ranger. Captain Mitchell reveals a startling secret - Titanium Ranger is his son!
  • It's about time they had a new, evil Ranger. Last time we got one it was the Green Ranger from MMPR. Better yet, he doesn't seem to be under a spell, he is just out for vengeance.
  • Diabolico is a tall dude - he towered over Titanium Ranger when they spoke.
  • For the curious, Titanium Ranger is a completely American character, he was not imported from the Japanese series as all other previous Rangers had been.
  • Let's see how they explain how Ryan was able to circumvent the side effects of the Titanium powers.
  • I can't beleive Ryan was able to sneak into the Aquabase so easily. No guards, no cameras, no alarms, nothing.
  • Whoah, cool - Dungeons and Dragons on Fox Kids.