Ryan's Destiny
Airdate: May 06, 2000

Ryan stops by the Aquabase to tell his dad that he is leaving to find out who he is. The Captain gives him a silver box and tells him to open it when he knows he is truly good.
After Queen Bansheera threatens to take away his Star power and give it to Impus, Diabolico pulls out all the stops and unleashes his final three, and most powerful monsters.
The monsters arrive at Mariner Bay and begin spreading explosive feathers around the city.
On his way to the bus station, Ryan finds one of the feathers, and gives it to a boy to cheer his sister up.
The Rangers appear, and begin fighting the powerful trio. Joel takes on one of the monsters.
Chad and Carter fight another one, who uses her staff to do a Xena-like spinning kick attack
The third monster grabs a hold of Dana and Kelsey, and literally juggles the girls, flipping them around in the air.
Captain Mitchell hears the monsters reveal their plan as they unleash one of the feathers on the Rangers.
A news bulletin is immediately issued warning people of the feathers. Ryan hears this just as he is about to get on a bus. He recalls the feather he gave the children, and races off to save them.
The three monsters have the Rangers on the run. They elude them long enough to set up a sneak attack using the Unilaser, but they are unsuccessful - the monsters deflect the blast.
To show that mean business, the monsters throw dozens of feathers at the fallen Rangers, to put their lights out for good. The feathers go off, sending our heroes flying through a brick wall, and unmorphing.
Ryan catches up to the kids. He snatches the feather and flings it over the bridge, where it explodes. As the children thank him, Ryan comes to the realization that he is good, and opens the mysterious box.
Just as the weakened Rangers are about to receive their death blows from the monsters, Ryan steps in and knocks them clear.
Ryan uses the Titanium Morpher and morphs. He very easily takes on all three monsters, and sends them retreating.
Captin Mitchell proudly looks on, as reports come in confirming that there have been no injuries and minimal damage as a result of the feathers.
Ryan is officially inducted into the team, and receives his Lightpeed Rescue jacket. He finally knows where he belongs, and Dana couldn't be happier.
Later that night, Ryan has a dream in which Diabolico zaps a tattoo of a snake onto his back which will move closer to his neck with each morph until it kills him.
Ryan wakes up in a cold sweat. He was not so sure that he just had an ordinary dream. He walks to a mirror, and to his horror, he finds that the tattoo is really there!
  • I had a feeling Ryan would have some limitation, he was just way too powerful, single handedly defeating those monster without even using any weapons. Now he will have to watch how many times he morphs.
  • If you look closely in the first scene with Ms. Fairweather, you will see the little robot helper from Go Go V in the background.
  • Just as Bansheera threatened, she will indeed take away Diabolico's Star powers and give them to Impus, turning him into a grown demon.
  • Those were some pretty sweet fight scenes. That was too cool when the monster juggled the girl Rangers, and it was great seeing Ryan knock the stuffing out them at the end.
  • The Rangers should have used the V-Lancers. If the Rangers could beat Ryan with them, and Ryan could beat the monsters, perhaps the Rangers could have beaten the monsters with them as well.