Strength Of The Sun
Airdate: May 20, 2000

With his time running out, Diabolico considers taking out Impus, but he stops as his troops walk in. He calls on the two surviving monsters, Thunderon and Falkar, and sends them once again to destroy the Rangers.
At the Aquabase lab, Ryan overhears Ms. Fairweather and Captain Mitchell talk about the new Max Solarzord, and about how it is useless without a Titanium Ranger. They are cut short when the alarms go off.
The Rangers are dispatched to battle the two monsters, and they come to a halt when they find Ryan, ready to join them. Captain Mitchell refuses to let him join them.
The Rangers take the Rover to the city. The morph and take on Thunderon and Falkar. Things are not looking good, so they come up with a plan - to split the monsters up.
Dana and Kelsey lure Falkar into an abandoned building, where they blast the ceiling and collapse rubble onto him.
Meanwhile, Carter, Chad, and Joel battle Thunderon, but they take quite a beating with only three of them.
The girls catch up, and everyone summons the V-Lancers. Just as they prepare to fire, Thunderon strikes first, and seemingly takes them all out.
The Rangers lay on the ground, but they are revealed to only be pretending, waiting for Thunderon to come in close for the kill.
As soon as he is close enough, they let loose with the V-Lancers and knock him back. They quickly follow it up with a second blast, which destroys him.
Diabolico personally launches the card from nearby, and resurrects Thunderon into gigantic proportions. The Rangers summon the Supertrain Megazord.
Falkar has made his way out of the rubble, and cowardly stands on the sidelines as his ally fights. He is busted by Diabolico, and gets a card in the back, making him grow.
The Rangers now have both overgrown menaces to take care of. Falkar does his famous Xena spinning attack, and get in a few good hits to the Supertrain Megazord, taking it down.
Ryan has had enough. He can no longer watch this from the Aquabay, and decides that he must morph and take the Solarzord to help them.
A sixth train bay emerges from the water, revealing the Max Solarzord. It races along the rescue track, and launches into the sky.
On Ms. Fairweather's command, Ryan takes the zordto space to recharge its energy cells with solar power.
Then it descends, and transforms into a robot. It lands on the Supertrain Megazord's shoulders.
Ryan struggles to maintain control as the pain from the cobra tattoo takes its toll on him.
After a few fancy fighting manuevers, he whips out a laser blaster, and destroys both of the monsters.
The pain made Ryan pass out, and he recovers in the Aquabase sick bay. There, Captain Mitchell tell his son that he is proud of what he did, and that he would have done the same.
Diabolico is hopping mad now. His last shot at destroying the Rangers is gone - or is it? He holds three crystals, and promises that his monsters will return, stronger than before.
  • Max Solarzord - what is up with the "Max"? Solarzord alone would have sounded fine, I don't get the "Max" part.
  • "Max" does have some cool moves - lots of flips, spins, kicks and punches. Definitely one of the more agile Zords so far.
  • What a shame that after all that trouble the Rangers went through defeating these three monsters, it looks like Diabolico will somehow be bringing them back to life.
  • It was good to see the Rangers exploit the only known weakness of the monsters - point blank blasts at full power. Too bad Thunderon didn't see that one coming!