The Cobra Strikes
Airdate: May 27, 2000

"Doctor, it hurts when I morph." - "So don't morph". Ms. Fairweather looks at Ryan's tattoo, and says there is nothing she can do.
The emergency alarm calls the Rangers to the city. Diabolico has appeared, bringing back his three monsters merged into one - Trika!
The Rangers morph and put up a fight using their entire arsenal, but they are taken down fast.
They regroup at the Aquabase, where they are told of the Battle Boosters, which should help them out.
The Rangers head back to the city and summon the new Boosters, which materialize out of the Rescue Morphers.
Carter, always the center of attention, powers up his Booster and gives Trika a good solid punch to the gut.
Ryan has travelled to the tomb where Diabolico was once kept. He figures out that the cobra tattoo's source of power is the cobra statue here.
With Trika reeling from Carter's punch, the Rangers all follow it up with laser blasts from the Battle Boosters, which destroy Trika.
The cobra statue has come to life, and begins attacking Ryan. Ryan knows he must defeat this creature to lift the curse of the cobra.
Diabolico teleports to the city and grows. The Rangers summon the Supertrain Megazord, but Diabolico takes it down.
Ryan is still having trouble with the cobra, so he morphs. As powerful as he is, he still can't manage to defeat the cobra, and is beaten until he drops out of morph.
Ryan grabs his fallen Titanium Laser and hurls it, in axe mode, towards a column. It collapses and lands on top of the cobra, killing him. Ryan checks out his back and finds the tattoo gone!
It's a step down, but the Rangers call on the Lightspeed Megazord, which also gets the stuffing beaten out of it.
Just in time, Ryan shows up in the Solarzord and whisks the Lightspeed Megazord up to safety.
Thw two Zords combine, and form the Lightspeed Solarzord. Watch out Diabolico!
Diabolico charges up his star power and sends a whopper of a blast the Rangers.
Amazingly, the Zord is undamaged. In fact, it has absorbed the blast, and uses the energy to charge up its weapons.
The Lightspeed Solarzord fires with its side mounted blasters, and Diabolico is destroyed in an enormous explosion.
With Diabolico dead, the star power floats back to the Skull Cavern and latches onto Impus, encasing him in a coccoon.
Queen Bansheera appears over the city and shows off her pride and joy, warning the Rangers that their destruction is at hand.