Olympius Ascends
Airdate: August 19, 2000

Impus' coccoon flies around the city, causing destruction everywhere. The Rangers morph and try to destroy it.
They are unsuccessful - the coccoon hatches, and out comes Olympius! He fights Carter one on one, and knocks him out cold.
He then captures the other four Rangers within the star on his chest.
Being too young and inexperienced, his star powers take a toll on him, forcing Olympius to retreat to the Skull Cavern.
Carter heads back to the Aquabase, where he, Captain Mitchell, and Ryan plan their next move. They are alerted to Chad's presence in the city.
It is not Chad, but Olympius posing as him. He roughs himself up a little and stumbles out in front of Carter, who has come to pick him up.
Carter drives Olympius back to the Aquabase, revealing to him the secret entrance.
Vypra and Jinxer prepare a monster, which will lead the raid on the Aquabase.
At the Aquabase, Olympius turns into Kelsey to call off a search party for the three missing Rangers.
He then turns into Dana to steal an access card from Captain Mitchell's office.
Finally, he turns into Joel, to use Ms. Fairweather's console to open the entrance to the Aquabase.
Vypra's army is spotted on the camera by Carter and Ryan. They alert Ms. Fairweather, who struggles with the fake Joel to close the doors, knocking the access card away in the process.
Carter shows up and Olympius reveals himself. He grabs Ms. F. and demands the access card to open the tunnel.
Ryan sneaks up from behind and knock Olympius away from Ms. F. Carter then tackles him into the water.
They both wash up onto the shore, with Olympius severely weakened.
With the star power weakened, the four Rangers break free of their prison.
Vypra and crew teleport in to protect Olympius. They take him away and leave the monster behind.
The Rangers defeat it with the V-Lancers' spectra blast.
When Jinxer makes him grow, the Rangers destroy it with the Lightspeed Solarzord.
The Rangers play a little joke on Carter, and pretend to chew him out for bringing Olympius into the Aquabase, ending in a dip into the pool.