A Face From The Past
Airdate: August 26, 2000

Captain Mitchell surprises the Rangers by giving them the day off. They head for the beach for some fun in the sun.
Carter opts to train as usual, and he is joined by Captain Mitchell, who does a little sparring with him.
The bad guys send down the Shockatron monster, who attacks one of Mariner Bay's power plants, trapping several people within.
Carter and Mitchell, who were nearby, both suit up and get ready to save some lives in the burning factory.
The other Rangers join the scene. They find out that Shockatron has moved on to another power plant. They head off for the plant, and Mitchell stays behind to help fight the fire.
The Rangers race to the second plant on their Lightspeed Cycles. Some Batlings try to stop them by setting up a roadblock, but the Rangers blast it open with a few shots.
They make it to the second plant in time to square off against Shockatron, and they blow him to itty bitty pieces with the V-Lancers.
Back at the first plant, they find out that Captain Mitchell has entered the burning building alone to rescue a little girl. Carter goes in after him.
Captain Mitchell finds the little girl and takes her away. When a pipe begins to collapse, he valiantly holds it up to allow the girl safe passage.
Carter arrives, and takes the girl, as Mitchell struggles with the pipe. As he urges him to flee to safety, Carter has feeling of deja vu.
The pipe gets the best of him, and Captain Mitchell gets batted around a bit, and finally gets trapped behind some fallen debris.
After delivering the girl to safety, the section of the building just evacuated blows up. The Rangers rush back to look for any signs of Mitchell.
The resourceful Captain makes it out alive by climbing down a fire hose from the roof of the building.
In a surprising turn of events, Shockatron has returned, supercharged!
The Rangers make short work of him with the Lightspeed Megazord.
The demons discuss a rare planetary alignment which will allow them to bring back their beloved Queen Bansheera.
Carter has a chat with Mitchell, and finds out that he was the firefighter who had saved him as a child.
He then joins his teammates for a little relaxation. As Mitchell told him, he trains hard enough.
  • Mitchell's challenge to Carter when they sparred was great, it reminded me of The Rock's "just bring it" gesture.
  • Olympius continues getting lip from his supposed subjects. First he has to take Vypra's criticism, and now, Loki's supposed master plan. I bet when Queen Bansheera returns, mommy's boy will assert his authority a little more.
  • I knew there was no way Mitchell was going to beat Carter racing.
  • Wow, that planetary alignment really is rare - you can see them all with the naked eye!
  • Why am I not surprised to see Joel wearing a wife beater?