The Queen's Return
Airdate: September 02, 2000

With the planets aligned, the monster named Spellbinder begins the ritual to bring back Queen Bansheera.
The ceremony creates a dark cloud over Mariner Bay, which the Rangers all notice.
They head back to headquarters, where Ryan tells them what the demons are planning.
The cloud sends out energy bolts which cause mass destruction in the city, endangering civilians.
The Rangers deploy the Rail Rescues, and put out several fires with the Rescue Zords.
Carter and Kelsey help the local firefighters evacuate a burning building.
Ryan has pinpointed the location of the ceremony, and sneaks in to see what is happening.
Vypra discovers him, and after she roughs him up a little, he is captured by the Batlings.
The ceremony continues, and creates a beam of energy that extends to the sky.
The Rangers rush to the source of the energy, and storm into the ceremony.
Blue and Yellow chase Loki outside, while Pink and Green hold off Vypra.
Carter battles the Batlings, and frees Ryan from their grasp.
Ryan morphs, and he and Carter take out the Spellbinder.
Spellbinder revives himself, and grows into a giant.
The Rangers call on the Lightspeed Megazord and the Solarzord, but Spellbinder is too tough.
The Rangers form the Lightspeed Solarzord, but the Queen begins her return to our physical plane.
Finally! The Queen has come back to Mariner Bay! She immediately whips up a tidal wave which threatens the Aquabase and Mariner Bay.
Things look bad, but Ryan has an idea. With the power source unprotected, he goes down and destroys it, cutting off the energy beam.
Ryan's move has cleared the tidal wave, and weakened Spellbinder. The Rangers take the chance and destroy him with the Lightspeed Solarzord.
Olympius returns from being sent to his room by Loki, and he is really upset over the failure. He finally asserts himself and puts Loki in his place.
Queen Bansheera appears, but in a horribly disfigured body - a result of the Rangers interrupting the ceremony. Olympius swears vengeance for mommy's condition!
Ryan knows that now more than ever do the Rangers need a way of putting the demons away for good, so he leaves the Rangers to find out how the demons were imprisoned.
  • Whew, a lot of stuff happened in this ep - it needed a whole 22 pics to explain it all!
  • Bummer, it looks like Ryan will be out of the picture for a while, similar to Zhane's departure in Zhane's Destiny .
  • It's about time Olympius took control of these clowns. That jerk Loki treated him like a child, but now he'd better learn to bow down to Olympius.
  • When Ryan took out the energy source, it was reminiscent of Kendrix's death in The Power of Pink .
  • I couldn't believe Joel liked that country music. I could have sworn he was going to play some hard core rap or something.
  • Now why doesn't the Rescue Rover have a car radio? How can you fight bad guys without listening to some tunes on the way? Exactly what was Ms. Fairweather thinking?
  • What the heck was Chad doing on the floor when they cut to him and Kelsey? Not such a good rollerblader huh Chad?
  • The scene when Spellbinder was chanting and doing all that hocus pocus was kind of spooky and disturbing!