The Omega Project - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

The Omega Project
Airdate: September 09, 2000

Joel hangsout with his little buddy Simon, who shows him all of the things he has invented.
Olympius reveals his latest plan - to send an asteroid hurling towards Mariner Bay.
After Joel leaves, Simon discovers the asteroid on his high powered telescope.
Joel arriveslate to the Aquabase, and hides flowers he brought for Ms. Fairweather behind his back.
Joel gets a call onhis morpher from Simon, who hacked into the frequency. He shows Joel his findings.
After a tremendous amount ofeffort, Joel and Simon make Ms. F aware of the impending danger.
The Rangers form the Lightspeed Solarzord, and charge up on some rays to blast the asteroid out of the sky.
Olympius has other plans however, and he shows up on the scene to create a force field which blocks out the sun.
The Rangers head down and blast Olympius with the Battle Boosters to try and take the force field down.
Ms. F tells them there is no time - they must stop the attack and head back to initiate the Omega Project.
The Max Solardzord takes the Supertrain into space.
Oncein space, the Omega Zords are deployed from the train.
The combine and form the Omega Crawler, which mounts the asteroid and places two explosives.
Before they can take off, the asteroid comes to life and grabs a hold of the Omega Crawler.
To escape, it transforms into the Omega Megazord, which jabs its spear into the ground, detonating the explosives.
Everyone at the Aquabase watchesin horror as the asteroid explodes, believing the Rangers to have been killed in the explosion.
But they haven't! The Zords safely fly out of the blast, as Carter reports that everything is ok.
Joel's plan to have Simon ask Ms. F out on a date with him backfires, when Simon asks her out with himself!
  • When Joel asked Simon to ask Ms. F out, I also got the impression that he meant for a date with Simon, not with Joel.
  • As with most Zord introduction episodes, the special effects and action were top notch. The scene with the Omega Megazord standing there as the asteroid blew up around it was awesome.
  • I don't know about the name "Omega Megazord", it sounds redundant.
  • Aside from the well done action, there was also well done comedy - the Joel/Ms. F scenes are getting better all the time.
  • I find it really hard to believe that Simon could really be that smart.