The Fifth Crystal
Airdate: September 16, 2000

Vypra does her best Ethan Hunt impression, and steals a valuable crystal from a high security facility. She is now one crystal away from the set of five.
The Rangers are briefed on the situation. If Vypra gets the fifth crystal, the city will be in trouble, and Kelsey's grandmother has it.
Kelsey visits her snooty grandmother, who reluctantly gives her the crystal, and effortlessly gives her the cold shoulder.
Kelsey and some agents set a trap. They transport the fifth crystal in an armored van as the Rangers stand watch nearby.
The bait worked - Vypra shows up in the Vyprari and blasts the van, sending it crashing off the road.
Vypra and the Batlings defeat Kelsey and the agents, and snag the last crystal, placing it with the others.
The Rangers burst onto the scene, and Carter grabs all five crystals from Vypra, who withdraws her forces.
What they didn't see was the monster possess the agent in charge. Kelsey proudly hands him the crystals.
He reveals himself, and teleports away with the five crystals. Oops!
When grandma finds out, she lets Kelsey have it, and kicks her out of the house, leaving poor Kels in tears.
As she sulks outside, she spots a truck driven by Batlings. She catches up to it and sneaks on board.
It leads her to a military facility, where she finds Vypra and her crew building a laser to destroy Mariner Bay.
She is spotted by a Batling, and tries to take on the bad guys on her own, without even morphing.
Meanwhile, the Rangers run into Olympius and Loki as they search for Kelsey.
Kelsey is captured by Batlings - doesn't look like she was a match for so many villains at once.
Kelsey's old fool of a grandmother appears in a forklift, freeing Kelsey, and destroying the laser.
The two make their getaway, and Kelsey leaves to join her teammates.
Kelsey morphs and arrives just in time to help the team fight the bad guys.
The monster joins his friends, but he is desroyed by a combined V-Lancer shot. Olympius and Loki retreat.
Kelsey and her grandmother surprise the Rangers at lunch when they zip by on rollerblades.
  • This was a good episode up until that ridiculous old woman showed up in that silly armor, fighting off Batlings, and pretty much saving the day. What were they thinking? This ranks right down there with Grandma Matchmaker from Power Rangers in Space.
  • Why did the Batlings take human form for the heist? Their natural form was perfectly suited for the mission, and they have no need to hide their identities if they are caught.
  • Grandma was surprised to find Kelsey at Vypra's hideout. So why did she tell her that she came to rescue her?
  • Olympius' dash at the Rangers was pretty cool.
  • At last, the Vyprari makes a return appearance.