The Chosen Path
Airdate: September 23, 2000

During the demons' dinner, Olympius challenges Loki to create a worthy monster. He comes up with Cyclopter.
The Rangers train in the woods. As they pack their things up, they are greeted by someone.
It is Chad's old sensei,who puts him down for selling out and becoming a Power Ranger.
TheRangers rushto battle Cyclopter, who proves his might by defeating them in hand to hand combat.
Sensei to the rescue - Chad's former mentor single handedly beats up the monster.
Chad extands his gratitude,and offers his sensei atour of the Aquabase, but the master continues to snub him.
Cyclopter pays the sensei a visit, and begs to be trained, vowing that he has turned good. The sensei foolishly accepts, so as to spite Chad.
When Chad finds Cyclopter training, he picks a fight with him, and loses. Cyclopter and the sensei leave a beaten Chad laying on the ground.
When Cyclopter finds out that the training is complete, he takes out the old man and takes off for a rematch with the Rangers.
His training has paid off. He manages to best all four Rangers, once again in hand to hand combat.
Chad finds the old man, and helps him to his feet. He is truly sorry for being such a jerk.
Before letting Chad leavetohelp his friends, the sensei gives Chad a refresher class.
Chad appears on the battlefield, just as his friends are at their end.
He goes on to beat the stuffing out of Cyclopter.
The sore loser brings out his staff, and starts attacking all of the Rangers.
Chad whips out his V-Lancer, and totally decimates his opponent.
Cyclopter grows, and is destroyed by the Omega Megazord.
Chad and his sensei make peace with each other, and he takes him up on the tour of the Aquabase.
  • Again with an old person fighting the monster? What is going on?
  • The conflicts the Rangers are having with their parental figures are being resolved too quickly with these unnatural sudden changes of attitude. They would be better off arcing these storylines over several episodes, making it more soap-like.
  • Cyclopter was also the name of a Masked Rider villain.
  • I wonder if the sensei's initial words to Chad also ring true with actor Mike Chaturantabut ...
  • What was the old man's gripe about Chad becoming a Ranger? He is using his skill to save lives, what better path could you possibly choose? Did he want him to use his skill to win trophies and make money?