In The Freeze Zone
Airdate: October 21, 2000

Chad tests Ms. Fairweather's new Thermo Blaster against a holographic simulation of Olympius.
The Rangers get a scrambled transmission from Ryan, warning them of someone who is coming back.
A snake-like monster named Freezer appears and attacks, along with Olympius.
As Ms. F tries to give the Rangers the Thermo Blasters, she is frozen solid by Freezer.
He then blasts four of the Rangers, and sucks them into his belly.
With only Carter left, Olympius and Freezer double team him, but they are attacked by someone from behind.
It's Diabolico, Vypra, and Loki. They have returned to get revenge on the runt with the star power.
As Diabolico and Olympius battle it out, Carter grabs an icier than usual Ms. F and takes her back the base.
The dueling demons fight is broken up by Bansheera, who orders them back to hq and scolds them.
Olympius calls Carter out to the woods, where he, Freezer, and Batlings ambush him.
He came prepared with his Thermo Blaster, and has a showdown against Freezer.
Both combatants fall, Carter frozen, and Freezer fried, but the move was enough to let the Rangers escape.
They unfreeze their leader with his Battle Booster, and join him in battle.
He givesthem their Thermo Blasters, and they all take a combined shot at Freezer.
Freezer is revived by Jinxer, and the Rangers call out the Lightspeed Solarzord.
Olympius darkens the sky and separates the Lightspeed Solarzord with lightning.
With the Max Solarzord weakening in the darkness, it leaves to bring back the Omega Megazord, which takes out Freezer.
Back at the Skull Cavern, Diabolico mocks Olympius' failure, and assures him that he will be taking his place, and powers back.
The Rangers fawn over Ms. F as she recovers from her freezing. Joel offers a little extra warming up, but ends up knocking over her coffee.
Ryan leaves the tomb, having finished writing down all of the symbols on the walls, in hopes of uncovering a way to put the demons back in.
  • It was an odd choice to have a monster who looked like a snake have freezing powers. You would think he'd have a more "icy" appearance.
  • Freezer's "get in my belly" may have been a reference to Fat Bastard from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me .
  • That part at the end was hilarious, when Joel tried looking under the sheets while Ms. F was in bed. "I was looking for a towel, honest."