The Mighty Mega Battles
Airdate: October 28, 2000

The Rangers take on Infinitor and his seemingly indestructible shield. Joel's quick thinking gives them the upper hand, and forces him to retreat.
To help her design new weapons for the Rangers to use against Infinitor, Ms. Fairweather brings in Clark, a colleague who she seems very close with.
Joel becomes jealous of course, and takes on a brainiac persona to impress Ms.F. Instead, he ends up knocking out the power in the Aquabase,
While celebrating thecompletionof thenew weapons, Angela and Clark discover Joel and Chad setting off sprinklers to soak them.
After Angela leaves the car to scold them, Infinitor appears and blasts the car, trapping Clark in.
Chad grapples with Infinitor as Joel rushes to rescue Clark.
He barely makes it out alive with Clark, as the car exlodes behind them.
Angela's overwhelming concern over Clark's safety saddens Joel.
He then turns it into rage, and unleashes a flurry of punches on Infinitor.
Chad morphs and joins Joel, but he isn't much help.
Batlings appear and hold down the heroes. Angela calls to them and instructs them to use Battle Booster code 861.
MegaBattle Armor forms aroundtheBlue and Green Rangers, as well as two enormous weapons.
Chad uses his ice cannon to put out the burning car, and then to freeze Infinitor in his tracks.
Joel charges towards the monster with his pizza cutter and totally decimates Infinitor in a hellatious attack.
Infintor is brought back super sized by Jinxer, and throws the Max Solarzord for a loop.
He then clobbers the Lightspeed Megazord, leaving his sword stuck in the ground.
The Omega Megazord arrives on the scene, and get knocked around a little. It finally defeats Infinitor by snagging the Lightspeed sword and charging it up to slice and dice.
Joelis slightly embarrassed and extremely relieved when he finds out thatClark is Angela's brother. He even gets a kiss from Ms. F. for looking out for her brother.
  • Ironically, the episode with a horrible title turned out to be one great ep.
  • Ms. Fairweather's first name has finally been revealed to be Angela.
  • Joel as a scientist was a laugh riot, he looked so goofy in those glasses.
  • It was also funny when he nearly fainted after Angela kissed him.
  • It was great seeing Joel knock the monster out and start whaling on him with those punches. He was very upset and showed no mercy!
  • Chad is such a dope, helping Joel with that silly prank.
  • Those quick morphs where Chad and Joel jumped thru CGI insignias to transform were great.
  • The Mega Battle Armor transformations were also pretty good. Although I was hoping the weapons would pack serious firepower, instead of being just a freeze ray and a pizza cutter.
  • I find it hard to beleive that Angela would not have presented Clark as her brother, but rather as a "brilliant scientist".
  • That car looked pretty intact after "exploding".
  • It's kind of annoying that the entire Ranger team eventually shows up by the end of each episode. If it is a Joel and Chad ep, just let them be the only ones to star in it. They totally took care of everything .. up until the monster grew that is, which could have been done away with as well.
  • Wow, a lot of comments!