The Great Egg Caper
Airdate: November 03, 2000

Olympius entrusts Jinxer with an egg which will hatch into an extremely powerful monster. It needs to be placed in water.
While shopping for fruit, Kelsey comes across a shoplifting skateboarder named Artie who is smuggling apples.
Kelsey chases after the thief but he outwits and out manuevers her at everyturn. She mills around the area, looking for any signs of him.
Hedoesn'tget far though.Heis capturedby Batlings when he is caught snooping on Jinxer placing the egg into a fountain.
Kelsey hears his cries for help. She morphs and takes on the Batlings.
Jinxer heads to the water where he placed the egg, but it's gone. Kelsey figures it was Artie who took it.
Jinxer sends Birdbane with a team of Batlings to look for the egg. Their first stop is a grocery store.
Just as the Rangers catch them, fliers fall from the sky, announcing that the egg is being held for ransom.
They find the deliverer of the fliers, but just when they think they have Artie cornered, he escapes again.
Everyone plays along, and both parties bring the ransom money to the designated spot, in disguise.
Artie gets the last laugh, as he gets away with both the egg and the money on a jet ski.
Birdbane holdstheRangers while the BatlingschaseArtie. Kelsey leaves the team and follows him as well.
She catches up just in time as saves Artie again. She then scolds him and tells him what a loser he is.
Kelsey joins her friends in battling Birdbane, but he's still got them all on the ropes.
Artie shows up and distracts Birdbane by tossing him the egg.
The diversion gives the Rangers enough time to fire the Unilaser.
Birdbane is revived and enlarged, but in the end, he is taken down by the Supertrain Megazord.
Kelsey finds out that Artie was stealing to help homeless people, and applauds him for finding a job.