Ocean Blue - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Ocean Blue
Airdate: November 04, 2000

Vypra frees a mermaid who is shackled and chained in the ocean. She tells Loki it is a part of her plan.
Chad teaches some punks a lesson by throwing into the water when he finds them littering at the beach.
He comes across the mermaid, who hadbeen watching him. Before he can find out her name, she disappears.
Chadis sent scuba diving to fix some Aquabase cabling which was damaged by a rockslide.
The mermaid, who has been following him, sees another rockslide approach, and rushes to Chad's rescue.
The next thing Chad knows, he is waking up at the Aquabase, with a vague recollection of what happened.
He looks out the window and there she is. Chad and the mermaid gaze into each others eyes, and then she leaves.
When she arrives home, she is greeted by Vypra, who gives her a trinket to give to Chad to win his heart.
Chad meets the mermaid at the docks, and learns her name - Marina. She gives him the dolphin trinket.
The dolphin zaps Chad and covers him in chains. Vypra and her crew show up to collect their prize.
They throw a net on Marina and toss her into the water with a one ton weight attached to her.
Chad bursts free, fightsoffthe Batlings, and dives into the water to save Marina.
Using a dagger he grabbed from a Batling, Chad cuts the ropes and frees Marina.
He jumps out of the water morphed, and fights the Batlings some more.
Just as things heat up, the rest of the team appears and helps Chad out.
They fire up the V-Lancers and deal Vypra and Loki a severe blow.
The two wrecked demons stumble to their feet and flee the battle.
Chad andMarina meet one last time. Marina tells him it won't work out between them, and they part ways.
  • The Batlings are pretty strong. They threw in that one ton weight like it was nothing.
  • Seems kind of silly to try to drown a mermaid.