Trakeena's Revenge, Part 2
Airdate: November 07, 2000

Olympius looks at the transmission from the batcam he planted on the thirteenth floor. He is wise to Triskull's alliance with Trakeena, and their plan.
The Rangers prepare a raid on the thirteenth floor. First, they have Heather pull the fire alarm, and evacuate the building posed as firefighters.
Leo and Carter head for the entrance, but Triskull stands in their way. Carter takes him out with a power punch.
Once in Trakeena's lab, they are joined by the two final Galaxy Rangers - Kendrix and Damon.
Trakeena shows up and blasts them all out of the building. They are caught by a Rescue Rover airbag,
Olympius arrives with his crew, and he dares to take on so many Rangers. Everyone morphs, and the fight begins.
They fight mostly Batlings, teamed up with their matching color.
Trakeena straps herself in and prepares to use the stolen life force to mutate.
From the battlefield, Olympius tosses a poisoned dagger at Trakeena's lab. It contaminates the power feed going to Trakeena.
She mutates, but not how she had hoped. She is now a giant, tentacled, fire breating monstrosity which is laying waste to Mariner Bay.
The Lightspeed Rangers calls on the Omega Megazord and Max Solarzord.
Just as the Galaxy Rangers wish the Galactabeasts were on Earth, they appear. The Rangers join the battle with the Galaxy Megazord.
The Omega and Galaxy Megazords combine special attacks and fire at Trakeena, but she still lives.
The resulting explosion disengages the Galaxy Megazord, and knocks the Galaxy Rangers unconscious.
The Omega Megazord lifts the fallen Rangers, and it is powered up by the Lights of Orion, gaining the familiar Orion armor.
The Omega Megazord powers its weapon up, as well as the Galaxy Megazord Saber, and successfully destroys Trakeena.
Heather is reunited with her parents. Carter thanks her by giving her an official Junior Ranger badge.
The Rangers say their thank yous and goodbyes, and Joel takes the chance to hit on Kendrix and Maya.
  • I wonder why Leo's voice was dubbed by a different actor (Russell Lawrence?) when he was morphed. In fact, I think it was dubbed even in some scenes when he was unmorphed.
  • It's ironic, as much as Trakeena wanted to stay human in the past, she now strives to become "green again".
  • I'm not sure what the purpose of Olympius' poison was. It made Trakeena even more powerful than her green form would have been.
  • It's a shame Amy Miller was not able to reprise her role as Trakeena.