The Last Ranger
Airdate: November 08, 2000

A surprisingly skilled and destructive monster terrorizes Mariner Bay, destroying a ton of buildings.
As the Rangers race towards the scene, Dana jumps off to take care of an injured kid.
When the four Rangers get there, they arebeaten down by the monster, and fall unconscious from a sonic blast.
WhenDana arrives, she finds the team unmorphed, with no memory of their lives as Rangers.
They are unwillingly taken back to the Aquabase and strapped into machines to restore their memories by feeding them images of their Ranger adventures. (clips)
The brain feed is going to take a while, and right oncue, themonster attacks again. Mitchell proteststo Dana fighting the monster alone, but she sneaks off anyway.
The brain feed successfully restores the memories of three of the Rangers.
But Carter's machine goes haywire, and he is totally out of it.
Dana struggles to fight against her powerful foe, but she is outmatched.
Her buddies show up to even the score, and the Batlings appear as well.
Watching Dana suffer on the monitors restores Carter's memories. He joins the battle just in time to save Dana.
All fiveRangersbring out the ThermoBlasters,and toast the monster with the blasters in booster mode.
The monster is revived into a giant, and he unleashes a firestorm on the Lightspeed Solarzord.
The Lightspeed Solarzord absorbs the blasts with its shields, and powers up.
The energy is redirected right back at the monster, and he is wasted yet again.
Back at the base, Joel feigns memory loss when Captain Mitchell announces a rigorous training course for the team.
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