Sorcerer Of The Sands
Airdate: November 09, 2000

While travelling through the desert, Ryan passes out from exhaustion, and is found and taken by an old man and his pet crow.
Olympius' latest scheme has him enter the monster underworld. He meets with the gatekeeper, and tells him to lure the Rangers there.
The gatekeeper draws the Rangers outin Mariner Bay, and zaps them with a beam that transports them.
The Rangers find themselves in the monster underworld, home of the spirits of dead monsters.
The gatekeeper uses his staff to summon the monster spirits, which the Rangers find they cannot destroy, no matter what attack they use.
Ryan wakes up, and he meets the Sorcerer of the Sands, who was actually the crow. He shows him the symbols he copied from the tomb, which are revealed to be spells.
The Rangers destroy the gatekeeper's staff. The monster spirits are now out of control, and they go after everyone.
Olympius and the gatekeeper dash for the exit, and are chased by monster ghosts all the way.
Diabolico appears and destroys the gate to Earth, trapping everyone inside!
The sorcerer tells Ryan that his friends are in danger. He decides to help out.
He sends a ball of light into the underworld, which shows the Rangers a way out.
The Rangers escape, butthreemonsters manage to sneak by and come back with them.
The Supertrain Megazord battles and defeats two of them.
And the Lightspeed Solarzord destroys the third one.
Olympius is still trapped in the underworld, getting beat down by the monsters, and the gatekeeper is no longer with him.
Queen Bansheera finds thetrio of demons gloating over their exile of Olympius, and surprisingly, she approves.
The sorcerer recites a spell from Ryan's book. Diabolico senses the spell being recited, and counters it with some spells of his own.
Diabolico's spells overpower thesorcerer, and he and the book are toasted. Ryan is not too thrilled, and ponders his next move.
  • When the gatekeeper started wrecking buildings to lure the Rangers out, they showed up instantly . I mean they were right there!
  • I was totally shocked when Bansheera agreed to let her son rot in the underworld. What a cold hearted mother!