Olympius Unbound
Airdate: November 10, 2000

Olympius and Gatekeeper, still trapped in the underworld, get a message from Jinxer about his latest plan to get him more power.
Jinxes poses as a hypnotist at a carnival and pretends to hypnotize Captain Mitchell, but is actually placing him under a spell.
Jinxer then tells Olympius to battle some monsters and absorb their energy to escape the underworld. He succeeds, and the power mutates him.
Olympius grabs Gatekeeper and escapes. The two exit the underworld and arrive at a cemetery, where they are greeted by Jinxer.
Jinxer activates the spell, making the Captain place a star power conduit into one of the Lightspeed power cores, feeding energy directly to Olympius.
Ms. Fairweather and the Rangers try to talk him out of it, but he isn't listening. They are then forced into action when they hear Olympius is attacking the city.
They confront Olympius, Jinxer, and Gatekeeper at the cemetery.
Olympius' enhanced star power gives him the upper hand.
Ms. Fairweather takes a few guards to the power core room to stop Mitchell from feeding Olympius energy.
Olympius uses his increasing power to grow into a giant, and he smashes up a few buildings.
The Max Solarzord appears, but Olympius easily takes him out with a choke slam.
Then the Supetrain and Lightspeed Megazords join the battle. An airborne Olympius strikes them down.
Time for the big guns - Omega Megazord and Lightspeed Solarzord are formed to battle Olympius.
Ms. Fairweather and the guards reach Mitchell, but the tough captain takes them all out.
Ms. Fairweather grabs an axe and destroys the active power core.
The backlash destroys the star power, weakening Olympius enough for the Omega Megazord to defeat him.
Olympius lays defeated, and he is picked up by the loyal Jinxer, who takes him to safety.
Back at the Aquabase, Joel tries to hypnotize Mitchell to get out of yet another training session.