Neptune's Daughter
Airdate: November 11, 2000

As the Rangers chillax at the beach, Chad sulks on the sand, with his lost love Marina on his mind.
Neptune tells his daughter Marina that she will take his place ruling the underwater kingdom, but she insists that she isn't ready.
Jinxer sneaks off to nurse Olympius back to health. He plots his next move while everyone thinks he's dead.
Diabolico sends a water demon to steal Neptune's trident, a great source of power.
Marina risks her life by putting on some legs and heading for land to enlist the aide of Chad in getting her father's trident back.
Chad and Marina race to prevent the monster from draining the city's water supply. Chad needs to leave a weakened Marina behind.
Chad morphs and dives into the lake to take on the water demon.
His friends show up to help, but they are held back by Batlings.
Chad succeeds - he snags the trident and leaps out of the lake.
The water demon follows, but he is knocked out by Carter.
Then all five Rangers combine Thermo Blaster booster streams and destroy the water demon.
Chad must now make a difficult choice. Vypra holds Marina hostage in exchange for the trident.
Before Chad can make a decision, the water demon grows, taking the trident with him.
Chad takes advantage of the distraction to don his Mega Armor and free Marina from Vypra's grasp.
The Rangers summon the Omega Megazord, which destroys the water demon with its lance.
Chad takes the ailing Marina to the Aquabase, where she recovers from her dry spell.
Then Neptune shows up to thank the Rangers for saving Marina and for getting his trident back. He takes his daughter away.
Marina shows up at the beach with legs again to say goodbye to Chad. He follows her into the ocean to spend some quality time with her.