Web War
Airdate: November 13, 2000

Carter tests out a prototype for the Trans Armor Cycle. The trial run goes bad, and Carter crashes and burns.
Jinxer sneaks off again to tend to Olympius, who is almost ready to get back into action.
Diabolico sends Arachnor to destroy the Rangers and capture humans to feed her babies.
The Rangers fight it with their main weapons, but Arachnor's info scan makes them useless.
Carter continues testing the Trans Armor Cycle in hopes of using it against Arachnor.
Meanwhile, the other four Rangers are webbed up and taken captive by the sinister spider.
By the time Carter shows up to help, everyone is gone. Arachnor shrinks and latches onto Carter's back.
The Rangers are held captive in a web, along with other civilian victims. The spider eggs hang in the center.
Arachnor sneaks into the Aquabase and one by one captures the Lightspeed staff.
By the time Carter realizes it, everyone is gone, including the Captain and Ms. Fairweather.
He takes the still experimental Trans Armor Cycle and heads for the city.
Vypra shows up in the Vyprari to stop him from rescuing his friends.
After a heated battle, Carter ends up destroying the Vyprari, forcing Vypra to retreat.
His tracker locates the web. First he takes out the eggs with his blaster.
Then he frees his friends, who morph and fight some Batlings.
Carter and Arachnor step outside, and Carter pumps up the power with the Trans Armor.
He uses the spinning wheels and blasters and totally decimates Arachnor.
Back at the cycle test site, Joel scares Carter with a rubber spider.
  • Awesome action sequences in this ep. Carter's run in with the Vyprari had some great shots, and his defeat of Arachnor was quite explosive.
  • The Trans Armor Cycle went from an ineffective prototype to a fully functional completed model in a very short time!
  • It's great to see yet another original American weapon/armor/vehicle design, hot on the heels of the Mega Battle Armor and the Mobile Armor Vehicle.