In The Limelight
Airdate: November 14, 2000

The demons watch as Queen Bansheera begins a transformation.
Vypra takes the chance to order a monster attack, using Treevil.
The Rangers rush to the destruction, and help the injured. A nearby news photographer snaps pictures of the heroic rescue efforts.
The next day, Dana's newspaper pic is spotted by talent scout Coco Cashmere, who wants Dana for a new Glitz magazine job.
She convinces Dana to take the job so that she can pay her way through med school. Dana spends the day posing, and ignores her morpher.
Unfortunately, there was an emergency, but only four Rangers were able to go battle Treevil. They get their butts kicked, even with Mega Battle Armor.
When Kelsey sees Dana at the Aquabase, she complains of her absence at the battle, and tells her how badly they got beaten.
While the two hang out, Dana is hounded by fans for autographs. A limo shows up shortly after and takes Dana away to more work.
At training the next day, Dana acts like a primadonna, answering her cell phone on the obstacle course, anddissing Kelsey. A limo shows up to take her to a fashion show.
At the fashion show, her morpher goes off, but she decides to ignore the thing as per Coco's suggestion.
The emergency was Treevil, who has struck an industrial area.
The Rangers combine four V-Lancer blasts, but it is deflected back at them.
Just as things look bad, Dana appears.She is giving up her short lived modelling job to return as a Ranger.
They combine V-Lancer shots again. With five blasters tihs time, Treevil is easily destroyed.
Treevil is revived as a giant. He shoots some vines underground to tear it up.
The Lightspeed Megazord falls into one of the cracks made by the tremor.
It pulls itself out with the ladder arms, and then destroys Treevil with the Lightspeed Megazord saber.
While saying goodbye to Dana, Coco does not hide the fact that she wants Kelsey as her new model.