Rise Of The Super Demons
Airdate: November 16, 2000

Ms. Fairweather and the Rangers test out the new Lifeforce technology.
Olympius and Diabolico meet in the woods, and battle it out.
Olympius prevails, and brings Diabolico back to the Queen, who turns him into a mindless slave.
Olympius and his new pet take to the streets of Mariner Bay to face the Power Rangers.
The Rangers go all out in a knock down, drag out battle. Both Mega Battle Armors are summoned.
Carter also uses the Trans Armor Cycle, but nothing seems to help them out that much.
Carters reminds Diabolico of Bansheera's betrayal, and Loki's death. Diabolico regains control of his mind.
He goes after Olympius, and the two battle once again. Olympius overpowers Diabolico.
Just beforehe gets the finishing move from Olympius, Diabolico gives Carter the golden key.
The Rangers all don their armor, and give Olympius all they've got in one super charged blast.
The blast takes Olympius down, but he is recharged and enlarged by the Queen, along with Diabolico.
Chad pilots the Omega Megazord and fights Diabolico, who is once again under the Queen's control.
Joel takes on Olympiusin the Supertrain Megazord. Neither Megazord stands a chance, and they are both defeated.
The only Zord left is the Lightspeed Solarzord, piloted by Carter, and it is destroyed by a double team from the demons.
Just when all seems hopeless, the girls arrive with the LifeforceMegazord, which is basically a black Lightspeed Solarzord. All Rangers board.
The teams risks their own life energy by feeding it to the Lifeforce Megazord. It gives them enough of a boost to destroy both demons.
The golden key flies to the demon tomb in the desert, and becomes a symbol in the stone, beside some Bansheera related symbols.
Jinxer reveals to the Queen that he attached a magic card to the Lifeforce Megazord. The Queen plots to use it to attack the Aquabase.
  • Zord destruction mania! Looks like we have seen the last of the Supertrain Megazord, Omega Megazord, Lightspeed Megazord, and Max Solarzord.
  • What is up with the Lifeforce Megazord, it is just a repainted Lightspeed Solarzord.
  • That was a great attack, when both Mega Battle Armors, and the Trans Armor were used.