The Fate of Lightspeed, Part 2
Airdate: November 18, 2000

As the team tries to find a way out, Ms. Fairweather surprises Joel by accepting to go out on a date with him.
They find a shaftway which leads to the submarine, but unfortunately, it is filled with water.
With the stones nearly in place, Queen Bansheera brings the Skull Cavern to Mariner Bay.
The Rangers grabs some air cans and go diving through the shaftway towards the submarine bay.
They make it into the submarine, but Batling attacks prevent them from launching it.
They launch a couple of torpedoes to fill the bay with water, which jogs them loose. Then they launch more torpedoes at the Lifeforce Megazord.
The sub makes it out in time, as the Lifeforce Megazord and Aquabase explode behind them.
Carter and Ryan have arrived at the city, and try to take out the Omega Megazord.
Their firepower is not enough, so they bail out and launch the Mobile Armor Vehicle at the Megazord.
The attack creates a magnificent explosion, and the Omega Megazord is destroyed.
The stones have already been placed, and the ceremony begins.
The Rangers all reunite and storm the Skull Cavern.
As the Rangers fight Batlings, the Queen begins to open the tomb.
Carter rushes towards the Queen.She blastshis helmet off, but he rushes again, and kicks her into the tomb.
The Queen pulls Carter in, and she hangs onto him as he hangsonto a ledge. He urges his friends to close the lid tothe tomb.
From the depths of the shadow world, the spirit of Diabolico appears in front of the Queen. Instead of helping her, he blasts her into the shadow world.
The Rangers pull Carter out and close the lid. They make it out in time to see the Skull Cavern crumble.
Sometime later, the Rangers all meet at the park to give up their morphers and resume normal lives.
Ms. Fairweather shows up in a hot set of wheels to pick up Joel for their date.
When a firetruck races by, the Rangers can't help but take off to the rescue.