Ransik Lives - Power Rangers Time Force

Ransik Lives
Airdate: February 24, 2001

Wes finds a place for the team to live - an old clock tower owned by his dad.
Unfortunately, the inside is a dump, and needs lots of work.
Nadira watching TV gives Ransik the idea to use television to broadcast his presence to Silver Hills.
As Wes and Jen leavethe clock tower, they discover it used to be an odd job shop, and they get a customer.
They're hired as painters at the same television station Ransik is using for his broadcast.
The Cyclobots spot Wes and give him a little beating before Nadira shows up and shows him her new manicure.
Ransik hits the airwaves and makes his intentions of domination very clear to the people of the city.
When Wes tells Ransik that those are innocent people out there, Ransik tells him his life story.
In the future, babies are born of test tubes and green goop.
Parents choose the characteristics for their own children.
But when a test tube falls down the sewer, the goop gives birth to Ransik, the first mutant.
Ransik is shunned by society, and gathers all other outcasts to form a criminal empire.
The Rangers arrive and free Wes, who was left to die with a mutant.
Wes morphs and kicks the mutant out of the building.
The mutant grows intoa giant, and the Rangers call on the Time Force Megazord.
The monster is defeated and recaptured with a quick slash of the Time Force Megazord Saber.
The Rangers rejoice at their first pay, and at their new beginning with "Nick of Time Odd Jobs"
Wes tells Jen that he is having second thoughts about Ransik, but Jen assures him that Ransik is pure evil.
  • I don't think Wes was completely convinced that Ransik was "pure evil". I don't think I am either. Ransik obviously has issues, but the biased Jen only sees him for what he did to her beloved Alex. Perhaps someday Wes will show Ransik the compassion he never received in the future.
  • The mutants sure get a raw deal in the future. They are shunned by society, and treated like outcasts. Of course they are going to turn to a life of crime. Obviously, intolerance exists even in the future. I would like to see a group of good mutants, who fight for a peaceful future where humans and mutants co-exist. Hmm.. that sounds familiar..
  • That was really strange how Ransik emerged fully grown from the ooze.
  • I'm willing to bet Katie's super-strength comes from the genetic manipulation.