A Blue Streak - Power Rangers Time Force

A Blue Streak
Airdate: March 03, 2001

Wes lets Lucas drive his car, but when he shows off his race car driving skills on the streets, he is pulled over.
Nadira tells Ransik that ifhe really wants control over the people of Silver Hills, he will need lots of cash.
She reanimates Mantimobile to help her pull off a few heists.
He transforms a few cars into suped up villain-mobiles.
Lucas is taking his driving exam, so he can get a license and get on the road.
Nadira and her crew attack an armored truck and snag all of the dough.
During his exam, Lucasspots them speeding away, and goes after them, but he can't keep up in his jalopy.
The Rangers regroup at the clock tower, and Trip whips out the Vector Cycles for them to chase Nadira.
Nadira fnishes up her latest robbery and packs the trunk.
The Rangers show up on their Vector Cycles and begin the chase.
Jen speeds towards Mantimobile's car and turbo boosts over it at the last second, and blasts him.
Then Wes borrows a move from Tom Cruise, speeding ahead of Nadira's car, turning quickly, and firing.
Mantimobile abandonsthe car and creates an army of Cyclobots to attack the Rangers.
Westakes out several Cyclobots with an amazingly huge shot from his Chrono Saber.
Jen and Tripuse their V blasters to inflict some major damage to the Cyclobot squad.
Lucas and Wes double team Mantimobile, spinning around him and striking in midair.
A quick download from Circuit, and the Rangers are able to form the Vortex Blaster, and open fire on the mutant.
This just makes him angry, and huge.
But the Rangers take him down without a problem in the Time Force Megazord mode red.
Lucas returns to the DMV to take his driving test again, but spooks the instructor!
  • I can't even begin to understand why Trip decompressed the Vector Cycles inside the clock tower instead of taking them downstairs first.
  • That was a total crock how easy Lucas got off when the cop pulled him over. All those violations, and no license?? He would have been in jail!
  • The cryo-prison is on a huge slant, but they seem fine inside..
  • Wes should have totally done the front wheel wheelie from M:I2 !
  • Why does Nadira crave money so much? Instead of stealing money to buy things, just steal what you want to buy!