Short-Circuited - Power Rangers Time Force

Airdate: March 17, 2001

Trip takes out a jellyfish-like mutant with a time strike, and then he grows. The Rangers destroy him with their Megazord.
As Circuit stands on the sidelines, Nadira sneaks up on him to grab him, but he flies off at the last
Lucas chews out Trip for reading his mind during a card game, and sticks a band aid on his forehead, grounding his gem for the day.
Nadira is still bent on capturing Circuit. Shereanimates Medicon, the mutant doctor, to do a number on Circuit once she gets a hold of him.
Nadira cons Trip into beleiving she is not really evil, and is trying to escape her father's control.
When he leaves to buy her a hot dog, she snags Circuit from Trip's backpack and teleports away.
Medicon opens Circuit and screws up his insides, making him a babbling, useless machine.
Medicon then attacks the city, and it isn't long before the Rangers show up to fight him.
Trip catches up with the team, and tries to tell Wes that he lost Circuit, but he doesn't get a chance.
Katie powers up her Chrono Saber and delivers a devastating attack to Medicon.
He doesn't take it too lightly, and the mutant doc grows into a giant.
When Wes tries to call the Zords, Trip finally reveals that Circuit was kidnapped.
Lucas chews him out again, telling him that it would be ok to use his powers if it was really important.
Trip uses his powers to find Nadira's hideout. He takes her out along with a pair of Cyclobots.
Trip finds his short-circuited little buddy, and repairs him.
They head back to the battle. The Rangers cheer as the Zords are called.
The Time Force Megazord mode red finishes off Medicon.
When Lucas steps in crap, Trip says he didn't tell him it was there because it wasn't super important.
  • Another pointless opening fight scene.
  • Why didn't Nadira just destroy Circuit?
  • Trip's powers must be something beyond mere telepathy. He was not only able to find Circuit with his powers, but he also foresaw Lucas' "accident".