The Time Shadow
Airdate: March 31, 2001

Mr. Collins takes the media on a tour of Bio-Lab, to show off the completed Raimei Destroyer.
A mutant breaks into the place to steal Zirium powder, a waste product.
Lucas and Wes arrive and save the Bio-Lab group from Cyclobots.
Katie, Jen, and Trip catch up to the mutant, but he takes them out.
After Wes and Lucas evens things up with a time strike, the others blast the mutant with their V Blasters.
The mutant grows into a giant, and lures the Time Force Megazord into a trap, damaging it badly.
The Time Jet flies in and manages to take down the mutant with a few shots.
In the future, a mystery man tests out the Time Shadow Megazord.
Frax uses the Zirium powder to make a Trizirium crystal, which he uses to power his new robot.
He unleashes the robot Tronicon on the city, and it causes a massive amount of destruction.
Mr. Collins orders the activation of the Raimei Destroyer.
The Rangers try to call the Time Fliers, but Circuit tells them that they are too badly damaged.
The Raimei is deployed, and it takes a few shots at Tronicon before being taken out.
The mystery man from the future prepares the Time Shadow Megazord for action.
The Rangers fight Tronicon with only their V Blaster, but they are totally overpowered, and cornered.
A time portal eclipses the sun, and out comes a sleek futuristic jet, the Time Shadow.
It trasnforms into a robot and takes on Tronicon.
Meanwhile, the Rangers take on Frax and his Cyclobots.
Tronicon unleashes a flurry of rockets at the Time Shadow.
It expertly dodges the attack, and goes in for the kill, slicing Tronicon in two.
The Rangers corner Frax, but he teleports away.
The Rangers talk to Captain Logan, and find out that he didn't send the Time Shadow. So who did?
  • I guess "mystery man" is not really a mystery, as the credits prove that it is indeed Alex who sent the Time Shadow.
  • Why does the Captain need more time to repair the Zords? I mean, they are time travelling, so they really should have all the time they need.
  • The Time Shadow has some pretty sweet manuevers. He zips around like a DBZ character!
  • The Raimei was totally useless. What was the point of that subplot? It took 20 years to build a suped up tank?