Future Unknown - Power Rangers Time Force

Future Unknown
Airdate: April 07, 2001

Ransik scolds Frax for sending down a robot to do a mutant's job.
Frax discovers the X-Vault, storage place for the vilest criminals.
As Katie looks at a family photo, Trip asks her about her family. She tells him how much she misses them.
When Circuit does a check on 2001 weaponry, he fails to find the Raimei, suggesting that the timeline has been altered. This upsets Katie, who worries about her family.
Frax sends his first X-Vault mutant, the criminal known as Vexicon.
The Rangers battle Vexicon, but they can't take down this tough mutant.
He throws exploding tops at them until they drop out of morph.
They get up to follow him, but Katie refuses to follow. She doesn't want to fight for a world that isn't hers.
One by one, the Rangers morph and head towards Vexicon.
Katie is left agonizing over why she doesn't want to fight.
She finally gets over it, and joins the Rangers in battle.
They set up a sneak attack, where Katie blasts Vexicon in the back.
Then they finish off the job with the Vortex Blaster.
Vexicon grows into a giant.
The Rangers summon the Time Force Megazord. The Rangers are in trouble when Vexicon breaks the saber.
Circuit tells the Rangers to combine with the Time Shadow to form the Shadow Force Megazord.
It flies into the air and lays out a grid around Vexicon.
Then it takes aim and fires a mega sized blast and takes down the nutant.
Ransik congratulates Frax on almost destroying the Rangers.
Katie tells everyone that this is now her home, and holds a toast.
  • Circuit said that Ransik's arrival caused the invention of the Raimei, and that's why it isn't in Circuit's database. The Raimei took 20 years to build, it wasn't built because of Ransik.
  • They are totally screwing up time travel. The Rangers' arrival in 2001 landed them in an alternate timeline, not their own, so of course everything is going to be different. You can't change a timeline, only visit different ones. Their originating timeline is, and always will be, there, and nothing can change that.
  • Where did this whole thing with Katie come from? Are we supposed to believe that out of the blue she doesn't want to fight for this timeline? They could have built up to it in previous episodes, but no, it just pops up unrealistically.
  • The Shadow Force Megazord has an awesome finishing move, the way it lays out a clock around the target.