Uniquely Trip - Power Rangers Time Force

Uniquely Trip
Airdate: April 14, 2001

Ransik's latest mutant terrorizes the citizens of Silver Hills.
The Rangers arrive to arrest him. A couple of great moves by the team make Trip feel inferior.
His self doubt makes him trip up. The Rangers destroy the mutant with their V Weapons.
As the crowd cheers everyone on, Trip is overlooked, and feels very dejected.
He decides to pump up, so he hits the gym for some training.
Another mutant is brought out. The power hungry Electropede almost drains the Cryo-prison.
Trip tries to emulate Lucas by changing his style and hitting on ladies, which ends up in catastrophe.
Electropede heads over to the power plant for lunch. Trip takes the chance to try some moves, but goofs up.
The rest of the Rangers blast Electropede, but he sucks the energy, and fries the blaster.
The team regroups at the clock tower, where Jen chews out Trip for trying those advanced moves.
After the team leaves to find Electropede, Trip makes himself useful by working on the Electro Booster.
The Rangers find Electropede, and he sucks up the energy from their V-Weapons.
Four dumb kids playing around the plant get themselves stuck behind some live wires and gasoline.
With the weapons depleted, Electropede begins draining the Rangers themselves.
Trip arrives just in time, and fires a blast from the Time Jet, separating the mutant from his friends.
He equips Wes with the Electro Booster, which combines with his Chrono Saber.
A blast from the Electro Booster nails Electropede, sucking the power right out of him.
With a little help from Frax, Electropede grows into a giant.
The Rangers form the Shadow Force Megazord and defeat Electropede.
Trip gets a mental flash from the kids in danger at the plant.
He zips by on the Time Jet, and whisks the kids away to safety.
To cheer Trip up, the Rangers don green wigs, trying to be more like him.
  • Just like Katie's doubts about fighting, Trip has doubts about his competence as a Ranger totally out of the blue. He has always been a great Ranger, and always bailed the Rangers out with his devices and with his mental powers. Why all of a sudden is he doubting himself as a Ranger? It doesn't make any sense.
  • They definitely need more wire work in the action sequences. This ep had quite a few of them, and they were pretty nifty.