The Quantum Quest - Power Rangers Time Force

The Quantum Quest
Airdate: April 28, 2001

On an archeological dig, a group of explorers find a strange metallic box that seems to have been there for millions of years.
Ransik interrupts Nadira's Masked Rider episode to watch the news. He recognizes the box as the Quantum controller.
He sends Brickneck to raid the dig site and steal the Quantum controller.
The Silver Guardians show up to prevent the heist.
As usual, they go in over their heads, and the Time Force Rangers must show up to save them.
In the ensuing battle, Ericmanages to snag the Quantum controller and sneak off on his own.
Meanwhile, Wes is severely injured by Brickneck just before he retreats.
Eric takes the Quantum controller and hides it in a storage depot.
He approaches Mr. Collins and asks to be the new leader of the Silver Guardians, and he's turned down flat.
Circuit tells the Rangers how the Quantasaurus was sent through an experimental time portal, resulting in it, and the Quantum controller, being split up and lost in time.
The Rangers head out when they hear that Brickneck is at the storage depot. They leave Wes to recover.
The four Rangers confront Brickneck, who is hot on trail of the Quantum controller box.
Eric shows up, to lay his claim to thebox as well. He grabs it, and battles some Cyclobots.
Eric is outgunned by the robotic army, and a still injured Wes shows up to save him.
Eric finally just sticks his hand in the controller, and a morpher appears on his arm. He transforms into the Quantum Ranger.
Outside, the Rangers are still struggling with Brickneck.
A shot hits Brickneck. He looks up and sees the Quantum Ranger.
First, Eric takes out the remaining Cyclobots.
Then he puts Brickneck back on ice with a Freeze Strike.
Wes and Eric face each other. What will come of this new Ranger?
  • That was hilarious seeing Nadira watching Masked Rider. That show was so bad, I cried when I watched it too.