Clash For Control, Part 2 - Power Rangers Time Force

Clash For Control, Part 2
Airdate: May 12, 2001

The Rangers summon the Time Force Megazord, which is joined by the Time Shadow to stop the Q-Rex.
Time Shadow launches a flurry of attacks on the Q-Rex, injuring his arm pretty badly.
Q-Rex lashes out an enormous blast before retreating.
Q-Rex ducks into its cave to recover from its wounds.
Eric asks Mr. Collins to lead the Silver Guardians, since he is now a Ranger. Collins manipulates him into going after the Q-Rex to earn the role.
Wes meets Eric at the Bio-Lab lobby, where he asks him to step outside to talk privately.
Mr. Collins goes to the clock tower and offers the Rangers jobs with him as part of the Silver Guardians.
Outside, the conversation between Wes and Eric turns into a brawl, when Eric refuses to give up his morpher.
The Q-Rex has returned to the city, fully recovered, to continue his rampage.
The four Rangers arrive, and run to Wes. Eric is disappointed that they didn't accept Mr. Collins' offer.
The Rangers summon the Time Force Megazord, and this time it combines with the Time Shadow.
Commandocon decides to join the party, and grows.
Eric watches as Q-Rex clobbers the Shadow Force Megazord. He continues to try and control it.
He scans the Q-Rex, and finds Commandocon's controller box.
He destroys the box, and gains control over the Q-Rex just in time.
He transforms the Q-Rex into Megazord mode, and turns him on Commandocon.
He blasts away at the mutant, and puts him on ice.
The Rangers look on, andwonder whether Eric controlling theQ-Rex is a good or bad thing.
Mr. Collins finally appoints Eric the leader of the Silver Guardians.
Jen plays a little joke on theteamby suggesting that they should have taken Mr. Collins up on his offer.