Bodyguard In Blue - Power Rangers Time Force

Bodyguard In Blue
Airdate: May 19, 2001

Mr. Collins holdsa press conference to announce that the Quantum Ranger now leads the Silver Guardians, and that all Guardians will soon utilize Ranger technology.
Dr. Zaskin, the one doing the research on the Quantum Ranger to duplicate Ranger powers, is kidnapped by Nadira and the Cyclobots.
His daughter Holly barely manages to escape by hiding in a box.
Nearby, Lucas lends his assistance to a girl involved in a car crash.
Holly overhears that Lucas does odd jobs, so she asks him to work for her as her bodyguard.
At Nadira's hideout, Dr. Zaskin is interrogated to reveal the secrets of his Ranger research.
The Silver Guardians prepare to get back Dr. Zaskin.
A quick call to Trip, as well as a Cyclobot attack, confirm that Holly is indeed in danger.
The Rangers raid the hideout where Dr. Zaskin is being held prisoner.
Lucas eludes the Cyclobots, but the mutant catches up to him.
He morphs, but is beaten up so badly that Holly has to come to his defense.
The mutant responds by burning her teddy bear.
Nadira grabs Zaskin and threatens to slice him open if the Rangers don't back off and retreat.
The Silver Guardians arrive and attack from behind, forcing Nadira to retreat. Zaskin is saved.
Enraged at the death of Holly's teddy bear, Lucas flips out and does a number on the mutant.
He strikes back as a giant. The rest of the Rangers come to Lucas' aid right on time.
The Rangers confront him in the Shadow Force Megazord, but it is taken down by a choke slam.
Eric shows up withthe Q-Rex and both Megazordsattack, putting the freeze on the mutant.
Eric debriefs Mr. Collins on the mission, but leaves concerned at Mr. Collins' disinterest.
Lucas returns Holly to her dad, and giveshera new teddy bear, proving that he is a big softie at heart.
  • Too bad they didn't show the scene from the promo for the ep, where Eric went through a medical scan as a Ranger.
  • Why did torching the bear get Lucas worked up enough to beat the monster? If he injured the girl I would understand.