The Legend Of The Clock Tower - Power Rangers Time Force

The Legend Of The Clock Tower
Airdate: May 19, 2001

Katie and Trip are working on the old clock in the tower, trying to get it back up and running.
When Katie heads upstairs to check out a part, she is warned by Wes not to go, since that area is haunted by Walter, the lonely ghost.
Later that night, Katie's curiosity takes her upstairs, where she does indeed encounter the ghost.
She stumbles back, falls off the steps, and into a time hole.
She lands on the street, in the path of two horses.
A young man grabs her and saves her from the oncoming traffic.
Katie watches in disbelief as she realizes that the young man is Walter, and that she is in the past. She watches the story unfold .
Drake, an arrogant overbearing fool. Gwen's boyfriend and Walter's boss.
Gwen, a young girl trapped in an abusive relationship.
Walter, a lovestruck poet afraid to stand up for the girl he loves.
When Drake catches Walter talking to Gwen, he has him unload a huge wagon. Katie helps him out.
Katie and Walter go for a drink, but they're interrupted by Drake, who can't beleive Walter finished his work.
Katie stands up to Drake, and challenges him to arm wrestling. She totally humiliates him.
Drake retaliates by firing Walter, and storms off in a huff.
Gwen sees Walter at the clock tower, and warns him that Drake and his goons are coming to beat him up.
Walter packs up to leave town, and Katie chews him out for not standing up to Drake and defending Gwen.
Katie waits for Drake in front of the tower. He attacks, but Katie has him under control.
Walter returns. He has decided to stand up for himself after all.
After a brief fight, Walter takes Drake out with a good punch to the gut.
The crowd applauds as Walter and Gwen walk off together.
Katie wakes up in her bed. Was it all a dream? No time to think, a mutant attack calls the team into action.
The Rangers battle Cyclobots in a very familiar battle.
Then they take out a mutant with only the Time Force Megazord.
When Katie recounts her dream, she finds out there is no lonely ghost, and Walter married Gwen, so she must have really gone back in time.
  • That fight scene at the end totally ruined everything. This was a great ep, and didn't need that. On top of that, they used recycled footage.
  • Very Back to the Future- ish. I almost expected to hear Walter use George McFly's line: "hey you, get your damn hands off of her!"