Trip Takes A Stand - Power Rangers Time Force

Trip Takes A Stand
Airdate: June 09, 2001

Ransik releases a peaceful mutant who was only in jail for petty theft. Notacon refuses to fight the Rangers for him.
Frax attaches a controller to Notacon, who manages to bust loose and escape before it can be activated.
While on a job, Trip notices the mutant being hunted down by Frax.
He morphs and comes to Notacon's aid, battling off Cyclobots.
Things get worse when Eric and the Guardians show up. Trip is caught in the middle as the two sides battle.
The two manage to sneak away, and Notacon tells his sob story of how he had to steal to survive. Trip discovers that removing the controller could be fatal to Notacon.
As the Rangers look for Trip, they run into Eric, who tells them that allmutants are evil, and he will destroy this one.
Frax finds Trip and Notacon, and launches a Cyclobot attack on the two.
The Rangers arrive just in time to help fight the robotic army.
Then Eric shows up, determined to go after the mutant.
He corners Notacon, but Trip stands in, ready to take the blast. Eric fires, but intentionally misses.
The controller on Notacon's head is finally activated, and he begins attacking the Rangers.
Frax doesn't waste any time, and makes Notacon grow giant sized.
Trip has a plan - to use the Electro Booster to blast the controller off of Notacon's head.
Frax steps in, and steps on Trip to prevent him from getting the shot.
Eric blasts Frax away from Trip, and then summons the Q-Rex.
Surprisingly, Eric uses the Q-Rex to hold Notacon still, not to destroy him.
Trip takes the shot andgets it, freeing Notacon from Frax's control.
Notacon is then voluntarily frozen.
Ericputs on his usual tough guy front, butTriptells the team that he is actually acting that way because he's lonely.
  • I wonder why Eric wasn't wearing the usual red beret.
  • Another victim of the prejudice mutants face in the future. Poor Notacon had to steal to eat, since no one would give him a thing because of the way he looked.
  • That was a pretty bold thing for Frax to say in front of Nadira - "Destroy a mutant? It would be my pleasure." Just a small insight into his true feelings towards mutants.