Quantum Secrets - Power Rangers Time Force

Quantum Secrets
Airdate: June 16, 2001

Dr. Zaskin performs some tests on the Quantum Morpher at Bio-Lab, but can't figure out how it works.
Eric grabs his morpher and heads out when Nadira stirs up trouble.
Eric and the Guardians scare Nadira off. Whenthe Rangers show up, Eric provokes them by saying that they are useless.
After a hard day's work, Eric heads back to his ghetto home and feeds his birds. A little girl strolls in and makes chit chat.
They're interupted by some mysterious men who take him away. It is Conwing, whosteals the Quantum Morpher and forces Eric to summon the Q-Rex.
Conwing then uses a device to simulate Eric's voice and command the Q-Rex to attack the city.
He then gets ready to kill Eric, but he leaps off the bridge.Conwing gets a good shot to Eric's arm as he falls.
The Rangers show up, and Jen dives in after Eric.
The other Rangers battle a squad of Cyclobots.
While the Time Shadow holds off the Q-Rex.
Eric comes to, and finds his savior caring for him. Jen tells him off for his attitude problem.
Eric deduces that Time Force is from the future, and Jen urges him not to tell Mr. Collins.
Time Shadow is taken down by the Q-Rex Megazord.
Jen races back to the battle, and tries to go after Conwing.
Conwing knocks her out, sending her blaster flying. When Eric comes running in, he has Q-Rex go after him.
Eric runs for his life, as Q-Rex comes stomping.
He grabs Jen's blaster and fires at Conwing. knocking the Quantum Morpher from his hands.
He catchesthe morpher and uses itto make Q-Rex stop right on time.
Conwing grows, and goes after the city, threatening Eric's birds, and his new little friend.
After receiving a mysterious transmission, Eric is able to summon Mega Battle Armor.
He flies straight at Conwing, and puts him on ice with an energy sword slash.
As Jen locks up Conwing, Wes urges Eric to works together with them,but he turns his back and leaves.
Back at Bio-Lab, Eric actually complies with Jen's request, and doesn't tell anyone what he knows about the Time Force technology.
He goes back to his dump, and can't find his birds. The little girl comes out and tells him that she saved them. Eric invites the girl to stop by anytime.
  • Jen seemed worried that if Mr. Collins knew that the Time Force Ranger technology was from the future, then he would exploit it. Like he isn't doing that already?
  • Wow, that Mega Battle must really be powerful to be able to take on a fully grown mutant on its own.
  • Finally, Nadira is stealing the merchandise, not money to buy the merchandise.