Lovestruck Rangers - Power Rangers Time Force

Lovestruck Rangers
Airdate: June 23, 2001

While washing cars, Lucas meets a beautiful woman named Angelique, who loves fast cars.
While washing windows, Trip also meets Angelique, who is now into building robots.
Angelique is revealed to be the mutant Contemptra, who plans on seducing the male Rangers.
When she can't seduce Wes, who's heart belongs to another, she takes him by force.
She then sets up a date with all three of them at the same time, causing a lot of tension between the guys.
Ransik takes the opportunity and attacks the city himself, along with the billion dollar princess, Nadira.
Circuit calls the guysto help fight Ransik, but Wes brushes it off.
That leaves only the girls to battle the mutant criminal mastermind.
Ransik's mutation surfaces at the perfect time, causing him to retreat.
Back at the shop, Jen chews the guys out for being so irresponsible.
When Jen receives a phone call that Wes didn't show up for work, she tracks him down and finds him with Angelique.
Using her scanner, she discovers that Angelique is really Contemptra, and is delighted to find out that Wes is really under a spell.
Lucas and Trip show up, and then the sparks really being to fly.
The fighting gets serious when all three guys morph.
Jen confronts Angelique and exposes her true identity.
Contemptra changes into her mutant form and fights the girls.
After blasting Contamptra's bracelet, the guys are freed from the spell.
An angry Jen opens upa can of whoop ass on Contemptra.
Contemptra grows into a giant, and is defeated by the Shadow Force Megazord.
Back at the shop,Wesand Jen almost share a kiss, but are interrupted by a phone call.
  • I wonder if Trip was referring to Circuit as the robot he built.
  • Ransik's "Girl Power" line was great.
  • Jen chewing out the Rangers for something has become quite a habit.
  • It was ironic for Jen to answer "Nick of Time" just as the call interrupted a kiss from Wes.