Movie Madness, Part 2
Airdate: July 28, 2001

Just as Wes is about to get skewered, Trip rides by on a horse and scoops him up to safety.
Eric gets out of his prison with the help of his little chimp friend.
Lucas defeats the samurai, and works his charm on the girl.
Katie continues to enjoy her musical escapade.
Jen has become akung-fu master. By defeating the warriors, she has earned the scroll.
Wes and Trip hatch a plan to get the clapboard from Cinecon. They snag it, and destroy it.
Withthe clipboard toast, the Rangers come back to the real world.
Transported in mid-swing, Eric finds himself with a face full of wall.
Ransik shows up in his Mad Max getup, and goes after the Rangers in his dune buggy.
The Rangers con some tourists, and snag a cart to make a getaway, but the thing quickly runs out of gas.
They split up, and each have their own semi-humourous Cyclobot fights.
When they get back together, they are greeted by a flash flood.
They take cover in the dressing room, and are chased out in drag.
Then they enter a door, and emerge in the desert.
Ransik and the Cyclobots aren't far behind in their cars.
Cinecon "writes in" the Vector Cycles, and the Rangers finally morph.
Wes does the old turbo boost trick, and get the buggies to hit each other.
Cinecon prepares for thefinal scene by growing into a giant.
He then makes the Shadow Force Megazord and Q-Rex show up.
And he even summons the Transwarp Megazord from the future!
At first, the Rangers can't hurtCinecon, since it isn't in the script, but as the last page approaches, they can.
It turns out that Trip ripped out the last page backon the set to get Frankie's autograph.
With no last page in the script, the Rangers improvise, and they go all out on Cinecon, and freeze him.
Back the clock tower, everyone raves about their movie experiences, except for the battered Wes and Trip.
  • What a dumb comedy episode.
  • I can't believe Transwarp punched himself in the ass to send himself through the time portal. I wonder how he got back.
  • Cinecon was incredibly powerful. The ability to make anything in his script come true came close to omnipotence.