Time Force Traitor - Power Rangers Time Force

Time Force Traitor
Airdate: August 04, 2001

While the Rangers lug around heavy boxes on a job, Jen gets the feeling that she is being watched.
Later that night, she is attacked by a stranger, and her morpher is stolen.
As son as she gets back home, she contacts Captain Logan, and tells him that Steelix has been freed. Wes asks who the heck Steelix is.
She tells him that Steelix was her original parter, who betrayed Time Force by selling secret information to Ransik.
When Jen found out, she brought him in. Steelix was sentenced to cryo-freeze, and swore vengeance on Jen.
Over in Time Force HQ, Captain Logan tells the mystery man that Steelix has been released.
When the Rangers try to set up Steelix, Jen is greeted by a jack in the box of Steelix, telling her to meet him that night at a warehouse.
Jen sneaks off to the warehouse without telling the Rangers, and has a rumble with her old partner.
She manages to knock him away and grab her morpher, but he comes back with his gun.
He sprays Jenwith some kind of gas, andthen bolts when the Rangers bust into the warehouse.
Wes tends to Jen, and tells the others to go after Steelix.
Jen wakes up evil, and begins beating the crap out of Wes.
He locks her in a hug, and reminds her of how she trusts him, breaking her out of her haze.
Outside, the Rangers battle Steelix. Katie gives him a lift.
Wes and Jen morph, and join the others against Steelix.
Even Eric shows up, to "bail them out" as he puts it.
While the Rangers fight Cyclobots, Jen single handedly takes down Steelix.
He grows into a giant, and attacks with incredible firepower.
The Rangers attack with the Shadow Force Megazord and the Q-Rex.
They put Steelix on ice with a time target blast.
Jen celebrates Steelix's capture by baking some cookies for Wes, which turn out to be horrible.
As the mystery man studies his screen, he comments on how the future is shifting, and it's time to get involved.
  • I wonder if Jen's cookies were worse than Debra's
  • That's what you get when you hire a mutant to work in Time Force. Of course he was going to help his people out.
  • If the mystery man is indeed Alex, I wonder how he came to outrank Captain Logan.