Frax's Fury - Power Rangers Time Force

Frax's Fury
Airdate: August 11, 2001

Frax whines about how poorly Ransik treats robots. As Ransik has another episode, Frax considers holding back the vial, until Nadira walks in and snatches it from him.
Frax then hits the X-Vault, and releases a mutant named Venomark, who begins biting people in the city, and infecting them with something.
Eric and the Silver Guardians arrive on the scene. Eric looks at a victim's arm - it is experiencing the same mutation symptoms as Ransik.
When Nadira mentionsthe mutant attacks, Ransik wonders who sent it. When he realizes it is Venomark on the loose, he becomes enraged.
He recalls a time when he wandered the streets, and was bitten by Venomark. He was taken in by a kind professor, who cured him with a serum. Ransik's mutant DNA requires him to take the serum for life.
Ransik cops an attitude with Dr. Fericks. First he calls his Cyclobot helpers useless, then he grabs the last of the serum, destroys his Cyclobots, knocks him out, and blows up his lab.
The Rangers arrive and battle Venomark. The nasty mutant bites four of the Rangers.
He beats up on Wes and gets ready to sink his chompers into the Red Time Force Ranger.
Wes is saved someone unlikely. Ransik shows up and goes ballistic on Venomark.
As he preparesto kill Venomark, Ransik is interruptedby his illness, and stops to take his serum.
A nervous Venomark consults with Frax on how to deal with Ransik. Frax tell him not to worry, that he will take care of Ransik himself.
Wes tends to the ailing Rangers. He recalls Ransik's serums, and takes off to find remnants of it in the vial Ransik used during the battle.
He takes the vial to his dad at Bio-Lab, so that he can have it reproduced and distributed to the citizens. Collins of course sees this as a gold mine.
He complies, and in no time, huge shipments of the serum are transported throughout the city, with the Silver Guardians escorting.
Wes takes a few vials back to the tower, and cures the Rangers.
Meanwhile, Eric shows that he has a heart by curing an old lady.
Venomark doesn't appreciate his bite being cured, so he shows up and attacks Eric.
The Rangersarrive and save Eric, as well as the serum shipment.
Eric morphs. He wants to take care of Venomark himself. He blasts at him with the Quantum Defender.
When Venomark takes off at super speed, Eric summons the Mega Battle Armor and takes off after him.
After getting knocked out by Eric's blasts, Venomark takes off his patch and grows into a giant.
Venomark is put on ice by combined attacks from Shadow Force Megazord and Q-Rex Megazord.
The Rangers continue distributing the serum. Wes gives Eric a big thumbs up, and Eric smiles.
When Ransik gets back to his base, he finds all of his serum destroyed by the treacherous Frax.
Frax tells him that he is actually Dr. Fericks. After the explosion, he rebuilt himself into a robot.
Before Ransik can zap Frax, he teleports away. Ransik screams over the remains of his serum.
  • For someone pretty close to dying, Fericks must have been in pretty good shape to be able to rebuild himself as a robot.
  • I wonder how Frax eventually joined up with Ransik, and how he explained his familiar Cyclobot helpers.
  • As Collins lifted that vial, I could totally see the dollar signs in his eyes.
  • Screw the FDA, Collins got that serum out on the street, the same day!