Time For Lightspeed - Power Rangers Time Force

Time For Lightspeed
Airdate: September 29, 2001

Vypra arises from a grave, with an army of creatures. Her first stop - Silver Hills museum, to steal the Solar Amulet. She is unable to get it out of the glass, so she leaves.
Eric and the Silver Guardians arrive to stop Vypra, but she blasts them back and vanishes.
Vypra goes to the cryo-prison, and asks for Ransik's help in stealing the Solar Amulet, which will release a super-demon.
Ransik agrees, and breaks into the museum, and snags the Solar Amulet as Vypra waits outside.
When the Time Force Rangers show up, she summons her cloaked creatures to fight them off.
Then she fires a blast which sends the Rangers hurling through the air. When they hit the ground, they unmorph.
After the villains escape with the amulet, Carter showsup in the Rescue Rover, and offers his assistance.
From the clock tower, he makes a few calls to his friends. First he calls Dana, who has become a doctor.
Then he calls Joel, interrupting his honeymoon with Ms. Fairweather.
Next up is Kelsey, who was rollerblading.
Finally, he calls Chad on his job at Baywatch.
Vypra begins the ceremony to release the super demon.
Carter and Wes track them down. They bust in and steal the amulet.
As they flee in the Rover, Vypra goes after them in the Vyprari.
Cornered by Vypra, Ransik, and crew, Carter decides to smash the amulet.
Until he sees the other Rangers captured by Vypra's creatures.
He has no choice but to hand over the amulet. Vypra continues the chant.
And finally, Quargenon has been released. He goesfor the Rangers.
But he is blasted by four surprise visitors - Dana, Chad, Joel and Kelsey - the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers.
As Ransik brags about beingableto defeat 10 Rangers, Eric and Ryan show up, and make it 12.
All 12 Rangers morph and get ready to kick butt and take names. They pair up and battle Vypra's creatures.
Joel and Chad activate their Mega Battle Armor, destroy one of the creatures with Dana and Kelsey.
Trip, Lucas, Katie, and Jen, use their V Weapons to destroy another.
Wes takes on Vypra, and has difficulty handling the demon princess.
Carter has his own problems, as he fights Quargenon. Carter and Wes fall back, and Vypra and Quargenon charge them.
The boys get serious, and all power up their armor. As Vypra and Quargenon get closer, they unleash a blast which destroys them both.
The Ranger teams say their goodbyes, and as a parting gift, they exchange uniforms.
Then the Time Force Rangers escort the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers back to Mariner Bay.
  • Worst team up ever. Everything was very rushed, and there was barely a plot. How did Vypra return? Where did Ryan come from?