The End of Time, Part 1 - Power Rangers Time Force

The End of Time, Part 1
Airdate: November 03, 2001

Ransik rallies all of his Cyclobots and sends them out to comb the city and find Frax's hideout.
Jen tells Wes that they've decided to ignore Alex's ominous warning and stay in the year 2001.
The time ship Alex sent arrives to pick the Rangers up.
As Gluto and the Cyclobots hunt down Frax, Nadira diverts herself by taking over a clothing store.
Trip shows up alone to stop her, and the Xybrian takes on the mutant.
He stops fighting when a woman in the store goes into labor.
Tripforces Nadira to help the woman deliver her baby.
Frax marvels at his new creation, Doomtron.
Nadira emerges from the dressing room with the newborn, who she calls beautiful. Trip tells her that humans can't be all that bad.
Gluto has finally done it. He peers into a window inside a factory type building to find Frax in his lab.
When Nadira gets back home, she asks her father why they hate humans so much. Ransik is called away by Gluto's news.
Ransik busts into Frax's hideout and has the Cyclobots take him away.
When Alex sees that the Rangers haven't boarded the time ship yet, he calls Jen up, but she hangs up on him.
Still trouble by her unsure feelings towards humans, Nadira goes to an imprisoned Frax for answers. He tells her that hate is a vicious cycle propagted by humans and mutants.
As Frax is taken away in chains, he sees a spark of goodness in Nadira, and urges her to break the cycle.
She pays Frax another visit later on, but finds only an empty, souless robot, wiped out by Ransik.
Wes visits his father to tell him how proud he is to be his son, as if he will never see him again.
As the Rangers load up the time ship with the frozen criminals, Wes notices theauto pilot controls.
The fully roboticized Frax pilots Doomtron at Ransik's command.
He marches into the heart of the city and begins a rampage.
The time holes in the sky get worse, sucking up buildings.
Eric shows up with the Q-Rex and battles Doomtron.
The Rangers arrive, but they can't receive their Zords because of the time holes. Circuit gives them important data about the battle, and how it is affecting the time holes.
Wes relays the data to Eric. He tells him that the battle between Q-Rex and Doomtron, two Trixyrium crystal powered machines, is only making the time holes worse.
Doomtron blasts the Rangers, making them power down. Without another way of stopping Doomtron, Eric refuses to stop fighting it.
Wes tells the Rangers that he has an idea. He takes the team back to the time ship.
In the time ship, Wes furiously programs something with the auto pilot controls. The Rangers don't understand what he is doing.
He bolts out of the time ship, and traps the Rangers in, to send them back to the future for their own safety. Jen cries as the time ship prepares to depart.
  • Excellent episode. Very touching scene between Nadira and Frax.
  • I'm glad they made reference to the fact that Wes altered his own destiny once, so there's no reason the Rangers shouldn't be able to do the same.
  • Why do the backsides of the viewscreens show the backs of their heads? Why would anyone need to see the back of someone's head when communicating with them? It seems like overkill to have the viewscreens get a wraparound image of the user for something as useless as displaying the back of their head on the back of the projection.