The End of Time, Part 2 - Power Rangers Time Force

The End of Time, Part 2
Airdate: November 10, 2001

The battle continues, as Doomtron knocks the Q-Rex out cold.
Eric is also injured, and climbs out of the rubble in bad shape.
A group of Cyclobots shows up to finish Eric off.
Wes appears and saves Eric, then drags him to safety.
As the two hide out, Wes has a little chat with Eric about what it means to be a Power Ranger.
The other four Rangers wake up to find themselves back in the year 3000.
Alex tells them that Wes died saving the city, and that they willneed to have their memories of the past wiped.
When a Cyclobot discovers that Wes and Eric are in the clock tower, Ransik shows up for a raid.
The Cyclobots climb up the tower and bust in. Wes and Eric get ready.
"Say hello to my little friend!" - Wes finds the Electro Booster.
He sets the Booster to self destruct, destroying the tower, and several Cyclobots as well.
The two leap out and morph just in time, and are caught by the Strata Cycle and the TF Eagle.
Mr. Collins wanders the city in ruins, looking for his son.
When he finds him, the two hug. A Cyclobot arises and takes aim at the father and son.
Eric jumps in the way and takes the blast, saving Wes and his dad.
Badly wounded, Eric gives Wes the Quantum Morpher, so he can use the Quantum Defender.
Wes bravely storms into battle. A lone Ranger against hundreds of Cyclobots.
Jen and the others step into the memory acclimation machines, as they recall theirtime with Wes.
Jen storms out of the machine, as do the others. They decide to go back and help Wes. Jen gives Alex back the engagement ring.
Alex tells them to use the Megazord in jet mode to go back.The Rangers race to the dock to help their friend and take control of their destinies.