Airdate: February 09, 2001

Somewhere in the wilderness, a young man named Cole leaves a tribe to search for his past.
In the city, four Rangers battle two powerful creatures. The heroes are outmatached.
They demorph as the two creatures known as Orgs leave. Alyssa comments that they need a fifth Ranger, but the team leader Taylor disagrees.
Cole arrives in the city known as Turtle Cove, and tries looking for the people in his photo - his real parents.
He ends up saving a group of animals from an shady shelter run by a couple of devious clowns.
Coleand the animals make it out ok, and thetwo animal snatchers reveal themselves to be Jindrax and Toxica.
The four Rangers find Cole in the city and ask him to come with them. Taylor ends up punching him in the gut, and they haul him away unconscious.
Cole wakes up to find himself in a jungle, and he is greeted by five robotic animals - Lion, Tiger, Bison, Shark, and Eagle - the Power Animals.
Cole them makes his way to a temple, where he is greeted by the four Rangers and their mentor, Princess Shayla.
Cole shows the team a red crystal with the lion spirit in it. Theysurprise him by showing him their own colored crystals.
The Org from earlier returns to wreak more havoc in the city. Shayla dispatches the Rangers.
Taylorgives Cole his Growl Phone, and shows ihm how to morph.
The team stands as five for the first time, ready to confront the two Orgs.
The Orgs combine their energy and attack with devastating force.
The Rangers are still unable to overpower them. The only way to win is to work together.
They combine their Power Weapons into the Jungle Sword, and take down one Orgs with a slash.
Jindrax and Toxica appears. The Mistress of Magic makes the other Org grow with her staff.
The king sizedOrg peeks out from behind the dam, startling the Rangers.
The Wild Zords ride a wave down to the city to help the team.
The combine their power and fire a shot at the Org.
The blast goes right through the Org, destroying it.
The Rangers stand triumphant. What other challenges will they face?
  • Darn, another rookie Red Ranger made leader.
  • The Gaoranger footage blends in quite nicely with the US made footage.
  • The CGI Zords are excellent.
  • Those claws on their gloves have got to go.