Click, Click, Zoom
Airdate: February 16, 2002

Master Org gives Toxica and Jindrax a pep talk in preparation for his next dastardly plan.
Cole reads Taylor's Ranger rule book, but he says it has too many rules. All he thinks they need is
Taylor storms off in a huff. She notices a mother reading to her son the legend of the Animarium.
3000 years ago, man and beast lived peacefully in the land of Animaria.
Then one day, monsters arose from the ground - Master Org and his army.
Five warriors weilding the Crystal Sabers battled the Org.
Shayla's protector took her to the temple, where she would sleep until she was needed again.
Finally, Animaria is lifted up into the sky by the warriors, to protect Shayla, and five of the Power Animals.
The Orgs are eventually defeated, and imprisoned within the Earth, until pollution allows them to escape.
Camera Org hasawakened, and terrorizes the city by making people invisible.
The invisible victims are taken to the hospital.
Taylor runs into Jindrax, and the two duke it out.
But then Camera Org shows up to help his boss, and makes Taylor invisible.
The other Rangers go down to help. Cole lures Camera Org away.
The others take on an army of Putrids.
Cole outsmarts Camera Org, and snatches his film. He exposes it, restoring everyone's visibility.
A recovered Taylor joins the team.
Camera Org wrapseveryone up in film and takes them for a ride.
Cole unleashes a new weapon - the Lion Blaster, and destroys the Org.
Toxica revives him with her staff and turns him into a giant.
The Rangers call on the Wild Force Megazord, and destroy Camera Org.
Taylor makes her peace with Cole, and accepts him as leader of the team.
  • Who would have thought we'd see a reference to Saliva on Power Rangers? I'm referring of course to the title, which is a play on the song title "Click, Click, Boom".
  • I wish Camera Org made Max's halfro invisible.
  • Master Org looked the same now as he did when he first surfaced, so why did Toxica and Jindrax find him different?