Never Give Up!
Airdate: February 23, 2002

Max reads up on the tabloids, and suggests that he and Danny check out the haunted temple to see if it's an Org.
Danny's mind is elsewhere. He runs into former co worker Kendall, who he has a huge crush on. He leaves with her, leaving Max behind.
An upset Max decides to check out the temple on his own. He gets scared witless, and ends up taking a bump.
The next day Danny tries to catch up to Max to apologize, but when he sees Kendall again, he loses him.
Turns out there actually was an Org at the temple. Bell Org appears and bullies around an old man.
Max, who was in the area following up on his hunch, morphs and battles Bell Org. Max is trapped and taken away.
Danny recalls the time Max saved his life. Danny missed a jump, and almost fell off abuilding, but Max taught him to never give up.
While looking for Max, the Rangers find his Growl Phone. They know he's in trouble now.
They find the bad guys near the temple. Taylor fends off the Master of Blades.
Danny faces off against Bell Org. He hears Max, who is trapped under a bell on the cliff.
Max isn't doing too well in the bell trapper. He hears Danny coming up the hill to save him.
The two buddies encourage each other to never give up, and Danny races to the top and frees Max.
The Rangers regroup, with their Blue member back in action.
Danny and Max give Bell Org a fastball special, using the fins.
Then they top it off by forming the Jungle Sword and blowing up the Org.
In an unexpected plot twist, the Org is resurrected and turned into a giant.
The Rangers summon the Wild Force Megazord.
The Megazord kicks Bell Org's trapper back at him, keepinghim in place.
Then destroy him with the Mega Roar.
Danny visits Kendall with the intention of revealing his true feelings for her, but chickens out. She finds out from a note he leaves behind.
  • Kendall is a hottie.
  • That whole "never give up" thing was so lame. A little subtlety in delivering morals doesn't hurt.
  • Since when did falling off a building hurt a Ranger?