Ancient Awakening
Airdate: March 02, 2002

Alyssa begins the day on a school archeological dig.
While snooping around in a cave, she finds a glowing Wild Force emblem.
Later, she grabs Shayla and Cole to go check it out.
A new Org has arisen - Tire Org, who terrorizes the streets.
The three available Rangers show up and fight the Org.
Tire Org keepsthe Rangers on the ropes with his steel belt attack.
Then he bolts to where the others are, and kidnaps Princess Shayla.
The Rangers try running after him, but they can't keep up.
The Power Animals send down new vehicles for the Rangers - the Savage Cycles.
Cole has a hard time figuring out how to ride hiscycle, but he quickly gets the hang of it.
Alyssa slows down Tire Org by jumping on top of him and braking.
Thenthey all blast him to smithereens with shots from the Cycles.
Shayla flies out of the wreckage, and Alyssa catches her just in time.
Toxica arrives, and revives Tire Org into a giant.
The Rangers call on the Wild Force Megazord, and in a brilliant move, leave Shayla unattended.
Master Org himself shows up, and pulls Shayla into the cave to give him what's behind the seal.
Alyssa leaves the Megazord to help the Princess, but is knocked out by the powerful Master Org.
When Shayla tells Master Org that she can't open the seal, onlythe chosen one can, he decides to blow it up.
After Master Org leaves, Shayla and Alyssa inspect the rubble, and find that the Power Animal behind the seal still lives. A crystal appears before Alyssa.
The crystal holds the spirit of the Elephant Power Animal. Alyssa summons her new Zord to help her friends on the battlefield.
The Elephant Zord transforms into a sword and shield for the Megazord, which it uses to destroy Tire Org.
Over at the Animarium, Cole clowns around as he tries to master his new Savage Cycle.
  • Cole acted like such an idiot on the bike.
  • I can't beleive they blasted Tire Org with Shayla in it.
  • Doesn't anyone wonder why the Rangers wear "Spirits of the Earth" vests?