Soul Searching
Airdate: March 23, 2002

Shayla tells Cole of a way to heal Red Lion. The legendary Soul Bird can heal him, but it is pretty hard to find.
Toxica and Jindrax run into Bulldoze Org chopping down trees. They convince him to join them.
The Rangers get to the forest, and morph when they encounter Toxica.
Bulldoze Org shows up, already a giant, and attacks.
The Rangers summon the Wild Force Megazord, but it doesn't do too well.
Red Lion convinces Cole to try Double Knuckle mode, but it fails. Red Lion still can't handle the power.
The Wild Zordsattack Bulldoze Org individually to protect the fallen Lion.
The Rangers tell Cole to go find the Soul Bird while they take care of things.
Cole ventures off on his own, but he is being followed by someone.
Master Org reveals himself, and blasts the heck out of Cole.
He picks up the picture of Cole's parents after it falls off the Red Ranger.
Master Org recalls the time he chased down Cole's parents.
He was unable to get baby Cole, who was hidden away somewhere, but managed to kill the parents.
The Soul Bird finally appears, and tends to its nest.
Master Org fires at it, scaring the Soul Bird off. He tells Cole that the Soul Bird is never seen twice.
A growling sound and tremors scare off Master Org. An animal crystal then descends into Cole's hand.
He returns to the battle with a new ally - the Green Gorilla.
Using the Gorilla, they form a newMegazord, the Kongazord.
It destroys Bulldoze Org with the Double Knuckle Vital Strike.
The Rangers head back to the Soul Bird nest. They don't find the bird, but find an egg.