Soul Bird Salvation - Power Rangers Wild Force

Soul Bird Salvation
Airdate: March 30, 2002

Toxica and Jindrax track down Retinaxe, former bodyguard of Master Org who has roamed the Earth in shame since Master Org was defeated.
When they tell him that Master Org has returned, he decides to prove himself by destroying Master Org's enemies - the Power Rangers.
The Rangers show up and fight Retinaxe. They use the Jungle Sword.
But the powerful Duke Org easily deflects the blast right back at them.
As if things weren't bad enough, Freezer Org is brought in.
Taylor takes on Jindrax as usual, while Alyssa fights Toxica.
The boys take on Freezer Org, who blasts them with icy breath.
Cole takes him down with the Lion Blaster.
When Toxica turns him into a giant, the Zords are summoned. The Gorilla attacks with Banana Bombs.
Back at the Animarium, the Soul Birdegg begins to glow, and guides Shayla towards something.
The Rangers form the Kongazord, and trap Freezer Org in a bear hug.
Freezer Org self destructs. His sacrifice deep freezes the Kongazord.
The Rangers fall out of the Megazord. They can't morph back, the Growl Phones have been frozen too.
They try to fight Jindrax, Toxica, and Retinaxe with no powers, but they get beaten up pretty badly.
As they are about to finish them off, a shrill sound interrupts them - it's the Soul Bird egg, brought by Shayla.
The Soul Bird unfreezes the morphers and Zords. The Rangers attack, and Cole knocks Retinaxe out.
Retinaxe makes himself grow into a giant. He begins battling the Kongazord.
The Soul Bird egg leavesShayla's hands and hatches. The Rangers board their new ally.
The Soul Bird enters the Kongazord, creating a new control console, and powering up the Megazord.
To heal Red Lion, they form the Wild Force Megazord and merge the Soul Bird with it.
They finish off Retinaxe with a super charged Mega Roar.
Later, Master Org finds Retinaxe in the rubble. When Retinaxe doesn't recognize him as Master Org, he destroys him.
  • Apparently, the Orgs rising up from the Earth are spirits which inhabit everyday items.
  • More unmorphed fighting - with disastrous results.